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What is TripAdvisor? How to add and claim your business listing? How to get more reviews on TripAdvisor?

By December 4, 2018 No Comments
What is TripAdvisor? How to add and claim your business listing?

“Tripadvisor” travelers are quite familiar with this term. Yes, you are absolutely right we are talking about the largest travel community in the world. It is a well-known traveling website which provides brief information regarding hotel bookings, restaurants, and reviews interrelated to travel content. Let’s discuss

In this traveling review website, you will find more than 385 million opinions or feedback of voyager from all around the world. Ample people visited this website for personal or professional hotel booking and grabbing lots of other information.

Hence, we can say millions of users visit every day to this website for research or planning a perfect trip. In this, you can easily visualize the accommodation, restaurants or other query processes in a listed form. TripAdvisor is a well-established company which is used to increase your business by providing exposure to an audience. Thus we can be used as a free marketing tool.

One of the most interesting facts from which millions of user are not still aware of is “what a logo symbolize?”

Add and Claim your Business Listing on TripAdvisorA logo of ‘owl’ with one eye red and the other one is green; based on a unique concept. These two-color stands for:

⦁ Green: Go
⦁ Red: Go for the next trip

How to add and claim your business listing?

Entrepreneurs must be aware of the fact that to add information regarding business in several places such as Google Maps, Search engines, and other properties you should have to create your Business listing. As we all know people are showing their keen interest in e-commerce websites instead of going out or seeking help.

Therefore consumers are dependent on online websites whether they want to find businesses or for services. There are different companies which can help you in claiming or adding a business listing such as:

How to Claim Your Business on Tripadvisor:

This information will be valuable for those who own or manage their travel-related business such as resort, hotel, travel agency, restaurant, and vacation rental services.

Talking about TripAdvisor, they assisted more than 50 million visitors every month and earned millions or billions of reviews as well as opinions from so far.

Add and Claim your Business Listing on TripAdvisor
So those who have not claimed their business on TripAdvisor till yet can do it now. It’s time to get change with technology by choosing the right option for your business. Here is the website, through which entrepreneurs can easily connect with travelers or customers from all over the world. Hence this will help you to create new opportunities that can be beneficial for building a brand or growing business.

Follow the simple process for adding or claiming your business listing:

⦁ Step 1:

Add and Claim your Business Listing on TripAdvisorLog in at TripAdvisor home page and select the business that you manage or own such as vacation rental, hotel, restaurant, or some other source of attraction.

⦁ Step 2:

Add and Claim your Business Listing on TripAdvisorNext step is to enter the name of the business or city in the search box. A huge list will appear on a page now from results choose your business.

⦁ Step 3:

Add and Claim your Business Listing on TripAdvisorSo once your official business page opens up click on “Register now”

⦁ Step 4:

From the given “Management Center” you can choose the task which you would like to carry out. Among this, there is another option of monitoring travel reviews.

This section is mainly meant for you to go through the reviews and respond accordingly. For more details, you can also take help of Review Trackers.

How to get more reviews on TripAdvisor?

No doubt TripAdvisor reviews are quite important for your hotel, restaurant, and other services. The website is popularly known for its higher rating and best review website; thus to maintain this title TripAdvisor continuously works for 3 factors such as the quality, quantity, and reviews.

There are some simple steps which you can follow for getting more reviews on TripAdvisor:

  • Try to make it easy and simple:

Implement certain features so that customers can write the reviews efficiently. One has to work on every single step such as by providing a link to emailing. So that customers can easily write reviews without any hurdles in a better way.

  • Where to start?

Those who have not claimed their business; visit the TripAdvisor homepage right now and firstly click on ‘Get listed now.’ After that begin with the next step, i.e. process of getting more reviews

Select your business it can be either restaurant, hotels, or vacation rentals; complete details of your business by adding the name as well as address.

  • Manage TripAdvisor reviews:

It is important to reply to the customers by acknowledging their efforts. This can be even helpful for attracting new customers; according to a survey it has been founded that approximately 90% of people read the reviews displayed on your website.

One should handle the negative or positive feedback in such a way; so that can restore the confidence of future customers.

There are seven steps which you can follow such as:

  • You should pay attention to the processing going on your website. Monitor the reviews and respond accordingly.
  • It is essential to assemble the review data and analyze it properly
  • Stay in touch with your customers and keep on asking about more feedback
  • Prepare a budget plan that is helpful in data-based improvements
  • Submit the survey report for publication
  • Get proper knowledge about competitive intelligence
  • Participate in each and every activity

It is important to follow the above steps if want to get more reviews. We all are aware of the fact that online websites are dependent upon customer feedback, so it is important to keep on working with large efforts. Moreover, it is important to interact with customers timely to increase the rating of a website.