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What is Citysearch? How to add and claim your business listing? How to get more reviews?

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Citysearch is the webpage you can trust on the business information you are interested in. It is an online city guide which provides us with information regarding business in the various categories like dining, entertainment, retail, travel and professional services in cities. It helps you find the local businesses in your city and near locality. Sometimes it can also be called the operating business of CityGrid Media.

Citysearch is established in the year 1995, and it focuses on local businesses and community. It is not like Yelp, who is using their webpage mercantile purposes and non-legitimate.

There is an option of voting, and it’s one of the best feature added to it. It allows the user to vote one’s own favorite relaxing day spas, trendy hair salons, restaurants, kid-friendly eateries, etc.

It is the best platform to choose as it allows the user to engage in the local businesses actively and it quickly locates the best local venue. One of the best Citysearch campaigns happens once a year in various categories. You can easily see what users preferred in Citysearch business in your area by simply browsing.

Citysearch is a type of Subsidiary, deals with Internet Local Search, Advertising. It was found at La Crescenta, California, U.S. (1995) Headquarters 8833 W. Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, California, U.S.

People everyday recognizes the best local businesses on LocalStack. An impressive looking business profile is the most noticeable and effective way to connect with those people who are looking for better products and services, according to the analysis. The best way to do business to stand out from the pack is by just claiming your business. Moreover, it is very easy to claim your business.

Why Citysearch is important for your local reputation management?

As a local business owner, being listed in a reputable online listing site can be of immeasurable value for your business.

Citysearch is an online listing site consisting of different business niches such as restaurants, bars, hotels, shopping, etc, that are around a particular city.

It is a marketing avenue and a review website where different businesses are listed and also reviewed.

Citysearch is important for local businesses growths and it also helps to manage their reputations.

Let’s check out some of the usefulness of Citysearch and how it helps local to manage their reputation.

Consumers get to know more about your business

When listing your business, you need to add the name of your business, address, and every other necessary information. Customers and prospective customers get to know more about your business through all this information.

Enhances your business credibility

Citysearch is a well-known listing and review site. Having your business on the site can help enhance its credibility. Millions of visitors visit Citysearch each month, hence having your business on it increases your business awareness.

Customer reviews increase trust

Consumers are able to view customers review on Citysearch. This allows consumers to know each business better and enable them to make purchase decisions.

With the availability of reviews, more people are able to have better knowledge of your product and services. This increases trust and more patronage for your business.

Citysearch City Guide are trusted editorial resource

Citysearch guides known as City Guide is a useful guide to find interesting places and great opportunities around a city. People visiting a city for the first time can use the City Guide to find interesting places or places for leisure.

Businesses listed on the City Guide are trusted and are known as reputable businesses. This helps in expanding your business by bringing in new customers.

How to add and claim your business listing?

How to add your business listing?

It offers an Express Update service which allows retailers to update their listing data and add new businesses.

1. Firstly, go to ExpressUpdate and make an account. If you distrust services of this type, then you can use a junk email account to register.

2. After you have registered, then go back to the home page and start searching for your business. If you find it, then Claim your business and make any changes on it, which you think is required to keep it update. If not, follow along.

3. If in any case search not able to find your business, you will see a “link” to add it. Go on that link and Click it, you will be provided with a form to add all of your business information. Once it is completed, you will have to verify it via phone that you have registered for managing the directory listing for this business.

4. After the phone verification, the listing will proceed to a verification state. It may take some time, but ultimately it was ready for you to claim.

5. Then Go back to ExpressUpdate, login, and on your dashboard, you will see a business listing you manage. Proceed and click Claim. It will share a phone number with you to call and complete the process.

How to claim your business listing?

Claiming the business can be done by going to the business listing and press the “Claim This Business” button provided on the page. Then by simply follow the quick and easy process one can easily claim the business.

It creates an opportunity for you to increase your visibility and impact consumers to visit your business. There are some steps discussed as follows:

1. Search for Your Business

To claim your listing on CitySearch, one must visit the ExpressUpdate website. Once on the page, do enter your business name and press the enter key.

2. Claim your business

Proceeding ahead, after entering your business name, you will receive the businesses that match the name you have shared. Undergo the listed business information and press the on the “Claim Now” for the data that matches your business.

3. Verify your claim

Then, Click on the button “Call Me Now”, and CitySearch will call you on the business phone number that is present in the listing.

How to get more reviews?

⦁ Make it possible
⦁ Just ask!
⦁ Make it mobile friendly
⦁ Ask at the correct time, in the right way
⦁ Get more reviews on expensive products

1. Make it possible

It seems obvious, as, for customers to write reviews, one need to make it feasible for customers to write them.

2. Just ask!

It is not the difficult task to ask the customers to write a review, but most of the people forget to do it. Again, customers are much more inclined to leave reviews when you insist them.
Do remind your customers to leave or write reviews as much as possible.

3. Make it easy

Many people wonder how to encourage customers to write reviews in the most convincing way. The method is to make it easy for customers to write reviews, no matter where they are or what they are doing; one is concerned with only to write reviews. This is one of the most important steps to getting maximum reviews.

4. Ask at the correct time, in the right way

According to the research analysis, the data available shows that always prompt customers for the reviews at the correct time and in the proper way. For this, one example, like reviews from customers are more at the timings between 1:00-3: 00 pm, as probably the people are free at their lunch hours. So, have sufficient time to write reviews. The rate increases around by 20% between lunch timings approximately.

5. Get more reviews for expensive products

Analysis based on the data available shows that the products/packages which are costlier get more reviews as compared to the cheaper one. So, it can be useful to ask for reviews, especially on expensive packages or products. Even if customer by more than one product, still a probability of getting reviews on expensive products are more.