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Trustpilot vs Yotpo vs Feefo Comparison | Trustpilot, Yotpo and Feefo alternative – Myreviewninja

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Trustpilot vs Yotpo vs Feefo Comparison, Features, Pricing, Alternative Tool

Ultimate Comparison between Trustpilot vs Yotpo vs Feefo about their features and pricing. Also the alternative tool Myreviewninja.

Trustpilot Review Software

Trustpilot provides a platform where customers can post reviews regarding their experiences with a particular business.

You can search for businesses and companies on Trustpilot. You can as well review and rate businesses on Trustpilot.

Trustpilot helps to enhance the reputation of a business and makes sure that negative reviews don’t affect the reputation of a business. It manages negative reviews and improves your business online reputation. 

Features of Trustpilot

  • Review Generation

Trustpilot helps to generate service reviews, product reviews and also generate review anonymously.

Service reviews are reviews that tell a customer’s experience with a company. Product reviews are reviews on a specific product that a customer bought or used.

Anonymous or private reviews are reviews made by customers without their identities. Trustpilot sends review invitations to customers through emails and reminders requesting them to leave reviews.

You can automate review invitations and set when you want them to be sent to your customers.

  • Review monitoring and managing

Trustpilot monitors and responds to reviews accordingly. Business owners can respond to reviews and show the world that they appreciate their customer’s feedback.

When anyone posts a review, the software notifies you that a review has been posted. It allows you to attend to each review immediately.

Fake or anonymous reviews may be flagged and false reviews identified. You can identify a reviewer with the Find Reviewer tool which helps to display the identity of a reviewer.

The compliance team helps to keep the reputation of your brand by scanning for false or fake reviews and removing them.

  • Showcasing reviews

Trustpilot showcases reviews and ratings to increase the SEO ranking of your business.

When your business appears at the top of search engines, it drives more traffic to your website and increases your click-through rates.

Keywords help your website appear more in search results. Showcasing reviews on your business website also helps to increase trust and credibility.

  • Track and analyze reviews

Trustpilot tracks and analyzes reviews to measure customer experiences and satisfaction. With this, you can gain insights and knowledge on what your customers need and how best to serve them.

Using its AI and sentiment analysis, it can break down words in your reviews and topics to give you actionable insights for your business

Trust Pilot Pricing

Trustpilot offers a free plan where you can collect and respond to reviews.

Lite plan: Starts at $349 per year.

Pro plan: Starts at $599 per year.

Enterprise plan: Contact them for a customized quote.



Yotpo is a reputation management tool for generating reviews and providing solutions for marketing and e-commerce activities.

It is a data-driven tool that makes it simple for customers to give their feedback. Customers can give feedback for every purchase made using the tool.

It is used to generate reviews, monitor reviews, and also help to increase the SEO rankings.

Features of Yotpo

  • Content generation

With Yotpo, businesses can collect contents from their customers such as reviews, ratings, questions, and answers.

Customers can leave reviews about the product they bought and the experiences they had with a particular business.

  • Showcasing reviews 

With Yopto, you can display customer’s contents and reviews on your homepage to build trust.

Let prospective customers see what your customers are saying about your product. This will increase the trust they have for your business and also help them make quicker purchase decisions.

  • Measure and analyze customer’s experiences

Yopto helps to measure your conversion rates by analyzing customer’s behaviors and experiences.

  • Increase SEO ratings

Yoptohelps to increase SEO ratings, boost brand discovery, and increase traffic to a business website.

  • Integrations

Yopto integrates with several other tools and platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Shopify, ShopifyPlus, Instagram, and more.

These integrations give you control over how your business collects and displays data for marketing purposes.

Yotpo Pricing

Yotpo pricing plans are not displayed on their website. You need to contact them to get pricing quotes that perfectly suit your business.


Feefo Review Software

Feefo is a reputation management tool that helps in generating reviews, analyzing genuine feedbacks, suggestions, and observations from real customers.

It identifies real customers, reviews and real insights. It provides insights on how to build relationships with customers, improve brand reputation and make better-informed decisions.

Feefo provides a platform where businesses can communicate with their customers for better product delivery.

It is a tool that uses the customer’s feedback to promote business growth.

You can engage with your customers anywhere and anytime, respond to reviews and know the thoughts of your customers.

It enhances SEO ranking of business website and improves ratings on search engines. 

Feefo Pricing

Feefo does not have fixed pricing plans. Contact them to get custom quotes that suit your needs and budget.


Trustpilot Vs Yotpo vs Feefo Vs Myreviewninja, why Myreviewninja is the best review software

 After taking a look at the Trustpilot vs Yotpo vs Feefo review software, we can agree that they are good software performing different functionalities.

However, we are recommending the best review software that provides all functionalities of a perfect review software. It is the best review software that we recommend.

Myreviewninja Reputation Management Software

Myreviewninja is an outstanding reputation management software that provides organizations and businesses with the best online presence and reputation.

It improves and advances the online reputation of a business towards guaranteeing the development of the business.

Myreviewninja doesn’t just generate reviews, it additionally manages reviews to ensure business development.

It has numerous incredible extraordinary highlights that are extremely useful and instrumental to the progression and accomplishment of a business or brand.

Features and Benefits of Myreviewninja

  1. Automated Review Generation

Myreviewninja request for reviews from customers utilizing various channels such as emails and SMS.

Myreviewninja sends customized email templates to customers asking them to leave reviews on various review platforms, for example, Google, Facebook or Yelp.

With this extraordinary element, no customer will be left out and you will obtain lots of reviews from every one of your customers.

  1. Increases reviews on your business website

Myreviewninja increases the reviews on the site that matters most to your business. It does this by gathering your reviews from other review platforms and collect them on your major business website.

This increases trust and credibility as prospective customers are aware of your product and business from already existing customers.

It also helps prospective customers make better and quicker purchase decisions.

  1. Facilitates Business Development

Myreviewninja facilitates the development of your business by generating more customers. Shoppers currently read reviews from various review sites before settling on a buy choice.

Through reviews, prospective customers can make quicker purchase decisions.

It also helps to increase conversion rates which leads to business growth.

  1. It improves brand reputation through positive reviews

Positive reviews are especially very important to a business or brand. Negative reviews can harm the reputation of a business or brand.

Myreviewninja highlights and showcases positive reviews while negative reviews are internally managed.

At the point when an unhappy client leaves a negative review, you can proactively attend to it and meet the client at the purpose of their needs.

This will help reduce the number of negative reviews and help to maintain an excellent brand reputation.

  1. It increases SEO ranking

Myreviewninja helps to increase your SEO ranking with the accessibility of a plugin that you can integrate with your site or WordPress.

Through this, your appraisals will be shown on Google indexed lists and other web crawlers which will prompt an expansion of traffic to your site.

The expanded traffic to your site will prompt an expansion in click-through rates and conversion rates.

  1. It oversees and ensures your business reputation

It enables you to respond to customer’s reviews from the dashboard. With this, you can promptly take care of unhappy clients and proffer answers for their negative criticism. 

  1. It monitors reviews from multiple review sites

Myreviewninja can monitor reviews from over 100 review sites. With this capacity, you will have a more extensive perspective on customer’s experiences.

You can realize what your clients are discussing, you can peruse their feedback, react and answer to their criticism.

  1. Tracks and Analyzes reviews

Myreviewninja tracks and analyzes reviews to measure customers’ experiences. It also tracks your conversion rates to know how well you are converting consumers to customers.

Myreviewninja gives you insights on what to do and how best to provide services to your customers. It provides you with insights on what your customer’s need and enables you to make better-informed decisions.

It helps you target the right customers based on what they are saying, their locations and their behaviors.

Myreviewninja Pricing 

Myreviewninja is a very affordable review software. You can get the software according to your requirements and your budget. Myreviewninjaoffers a free plan with limited features. Paid plans include the Plus plan and Premium plan.

Plus plan : $49.99/month

Premium plan : 39.99/month.

For custom quotes, you will need to request a quote by filling up a price form. Custom quotes are based on the size of your business.

Hence these Ultimate comparisons between Trustpilot vs Yotpo vs Feefo about their features and pricing would help to choose the best Reputation Management Software.