Top 10 Real Estate Reviews and Ratings Websites for Real Estate Agents

Reviews or ratings on a website are helpful in making a good search; hence it is like an inspiration. There are ample Real Estate Reviews and Rating Websites which can provide you with optimistic results by optimizing your online search process. Real estate websites are categorized as:

  • Lead Generation
  • Brand/Custom Design
  • Search/IDX

Talking about lead generation concept: it is helpful for an agent to collect, generate, as well as converting leads into farm areas. In brand/custom design, the primary motive is to look better than your competitors. Last but not least Search/IDX is all about the experience and core competency.

The objective of real estate reviews and rating websites is to focus on clients. It can be helpful for real estate agents and firms to compare the basic features such as price, usability, and accessibility so that audiences can choose the best options to maximize the profit.

Top 10 Real estate reviews and ratings websites for real estate agents and firms:

The top 10 Real Estate Reviews and Rating Websites which can be helpful for real estate agents and firms are mentioned below:

⦁ Zillow:

It is considered as the real estate leading website which is managing a database from the last few years. Zillow is helping millions of users and rental marketplace such as homes for rent, for sale as well as Zestimate home values, other information related to the home. You can easily access this website through mobile phones.

According to a survey, a conclusion is that the company is leading in the real estate industry. Thus brokers and even buyers are happy with the information provided in the specific terminology.

⦁ Briggs Freeman:

Briggs Freeman is a real estate website company which helps in providing the whole information regarding lavishing property. Through this website, users can easily connect with real estate agents and collect the details of sale and purchase. Thus visitors can straightaway interact with localities brokers to take help in finding their dream house.

The pictures available on a website are based on high-resolution thus users can easily contact the broker while having any doubt.

The survey report says that those who are seeking help for properties here and there can instantly visit Briggs Freeman.


The real estate firms focus on designing, accessibility, performance, and mobile-friendliness while building a website. Moreover, talking about the company is surviving in a market from the past 20 years. Between this time period, the company has offered a trustworthy approach to audiences. Thus, it is considered as the best platform for a seller, buyers and for those who are thinking to buy a luxurious property for a long time. The ranking and overall rating of a real estate website are attracting brokers as well as retailers.

According to the study, it is reported that celebs or other reputed professionals are continuously visiting on the website for detailed information.

⦁ Trulia:

The main objective of real estate agents and firms is to attract audiences by attracting buyers with innovative ideas. Therefore Trulia offers a path through which you can get proper information about infrastructure and other essential guidance. Creating a suspension bridge between property managers, agents, and the buyer is the motto of a website.

Through this visitor can get proper solutions in there throughout the process. This can be helpful for each and every step of purchase as well as ownership of a home.

The report of the survey says that the credit of detailed information goes to Trulia

⦁ MSN:

To generate the traffic portals are available on the website which is considered as a marvelous idea for those who are hunting for a dream house for a long time. The real estate agent and firms can follow the news, trends, or other portals for detailed information about a property. You can easily get familiar with the insight real estate market plans taking place across the world.

A survey report states that the website is receiving a large amount of traffic from the last few years. The agents or even buyers can simply search for queries related to the purchase or sale of a property.

Image result for MSN


Purchasing a property is a long process which can take a long time such as weeks, months or even years. Thus is there to serve the buyers by providing them whole information such as rent solutions, selling a property and even purchasing solutions.

According to a study, it is concluded that even provides detail about renting a property.

⦁ AOL:

The review mentioned in this website is creating a huge impact on the marketplace. Thus it’s a platform where real estate agents or firms can get exposure. So here the property buyers from all over the world can get detail content whether it is related to property for sale, price or regular updates.

Hence the study report states that those who want to stay in touch with regular changes taking place in property can stay connected with this website.

⦁ Yahoo:

Top 10 Real Estate Reviews and Ratings Websites for Real Estate Agents

A website developer understands the need for reviews and ratings makes the search process easy. Thus here you can get the best images of lavishing dream house along with other details such as price, area, and structure.

According to survey reports, it is concluded that the website is growing rapidly and real estate agents and other firms prefer it among other competitors.

⦁ Apartment Guide:

Top 10 Real Estate Reviews and Ratings Websites for Real Estate Agents

The website is specifically designed for those who are searching for rental properties at an affordable price. Refined tools and insight information is the main source which is attracting a large number of people. The agents can go through the website and can discuss the possession documentation process with buyers.

According to a survey or rating process, it is concluded that precise and simple information is available at Apartment guide


Top 10 Real Estate Reviews and Ratings Websites for Real Estate Agents

It is a great place for agents from where they can grab maximum information by a single click. The website is rated among the top real estate properties website. Here you can get a brief knowledge of renting or sale strategies.

This survey report state that here you can find a property at affordable rates