Reviewtrackers Reputation Management Software | Features, Pricing

Reviewtrackers reputation management software that uses customer’s feedback to act and predict the future. It manages the online presence of a business and uses reviews to learn more about customers for better business delivery.

Reviewtrackers make sure that customers are happy which leads to the growth of the business. It is used to generate reviews, monitor and manage reviews to ensure that the reputation of a business is well-guided.

This software can be used for any sizes of business in different industries. It is a powerful review software that comprises of every feature that makes a perfect review software.

Features of Reviewtrackers

Reviewtrackers Reputation Management Software has many great features that ensure that the reputation of a business or an organization is properly managed.

The features of Reviewtrackers include:

  • Monitors Reviews and Analyze Feedback

Reviewtrackers monitors reviews from over 100 review sites. You can monitor reviews from these review sites all from a centralized dashboard. It monitors and tracks reviews so that business owners can know what people are saying about their business.

As a business owner, you will be able to know what consumers are saying about your business and your brand. You will be able to keep tabs on your business and be aware of the thoughts of your customers.

You receive notifications when a customer leaves a review. Apart from receiving a notification, it also provides advanced reports with adequate data, strong visual charts and customizable views of reviews.

It also shows you the numbers of reviews with the average star ratings. All these are to help you measure customer’s feedback and know how good is your reputation.

  • Review Response

Reviewtrackers Reputation Management Software enables you to respond to reviews right from its dashboard. You can easily respond to reviews from any review sites right from the dashboard.

It allows you to appreciate happy customers with positive reviews and also appropriately resolve unhappy customers. It alerts you when a customer or reviewer leaves a review. This is to enable you to take prompt actions in resolving issues and attending to reviews appropriately.

Reviewtrackers allows you to know when and where customers are posting reviews. It helps you to control reviews and make sure that few negative reviews do not affect your ratings and reputation.

It allows you to respond to reviews even when you are not in the office with your phone via its mobile app.

You can as well tag other uses to the response of your customer success or happiness with your business. This will encourage them and increase their trust in your business.

  • Review Generation

Reviewtrackers is a tool that can generate reviews very easily. It does this by sending emails and SMS to customers asking them to leave reviews on review sites.

Reviewtrackers also uses customizable landing pages and on-site kiosks to generate more reviews from customers. It encourages and promotes positive reviews by reaching out to your brand promoters to get 5-star ratings and feedback.

Reviewtrackers does not only generate reviews but helps to improve brand reputation by giving more focus on generating positive reviews.

Reviewtrackers has different tools or means with which it generates reviews. It uses the Ask Tool to collect actionable quantitative data. Customers and reviewers are routed to different review sites where they can leave reviews.

This tool generates and analyzes data to find your most loyal customers. It also helps you to know your most loyal customers and learn more about their experiences.

The Smart Suggest feature helps you to identify review sites where you can get more reviews so you can direct your reviewers to leave reviews on the sites.

  • Increase your SEO ratings and Online Performance

Reviewtrackers helps to increase your SEO ratings by encouraging more positive reviews. Positive reviews have the power to improve your search engine performance and attract more customers.

Positive reviews increase SEO ratings which increase business listing on search engines. This drives traffic to your business website and increases conversion rates.

  • Review Widgets

Reviewtrackers use review widgets to display reviews on a business website. It used review widgets such as Amplify to display reviews anywhere on your website. This helps to build credibility and trust.

Displaying reviews on your business website also increases your search engine rankings and attracts new customers.

Reviewtrackers also helps you to appear higher in search results and drive more traffic back to your website. It allows customers to filter reviews based on rating, source, and date to find what is most relevant to them.

It also uses Star Snapshot to display your business high ratings and volume of reviews to encourage and convince consumers. 

  • Reporting and Analytics

Reviewtrackers has an all-in-one reporting dashboard that analyzes and reports your campaign. It enables you to have an insight into the result of your reviews.

It measures your activities and reputation with data and visuals. You can download these reports and share with your team. Customer experience analytics measures customer experience and the entire journey.

With its built-in natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technology, it analyzes feedback and helps you to understand what customers are talking about and how they feel. It provides accurate measurements of positive and negative language.

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

Reviewtrackers uses customer satisfaction surveys to capture feedback before they go live. It allows you to engage with customers to learn more about them and to know your most loyal customers.

You can create and design surveys. Set custom survey responses like star ratings, Net Promoter Score, Thumbs up/down and emojis.

Distribute to customers and get responses from them through email, SMS, social media, or a landing page. You can as well sync surveys with your CRM using its friendly API.

These surveys allow you to know more about your customers and measure their experiences. You can respond to surveys and resolve issues appropriately before they go live.

This allows you to significantly reduce negative reviews and enhance your reputation.

  • Social Media Marketing

Businesses can integrate Reviewtrackers with Hootsuite app. This saves time managing reviews and social media all in one place.

When these tools are linked together, businesses can view online reviews in a stream within the Hootsuite app. They can view the profile details of reviewers by their location and review platforms.

Reviewers can share reviews with your social media in Hootsuite, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. You can assign tasks to your team and they can respond and manage reviews from any location.

Pricing of Reviewtrackers

Reviewtrackers plans include Enterprise, Professional and Partner plans. The cost of each plan is not stated on their website. You can request a demo or start a free trial before requesting a quote.

If you are not satisfied with Reviewtrackers, the best alternative reputation management software is Myreviewninja.

MyReviewninja Reputation Management Software

Myreviewninja is an excellent reputation management software that helps to manage the online reputation of businesses across different industries. It is a great tool for review generation and review management which enhances business growth.

It helps businesses to control and manage their reputation. Myreviewninja helps to keep and sustain a good business reputation to encourage the growth of your business.

Features and Benefits of MyReviewninja

Myreviewninja has many excellent features and benefits that facilitate the growth of a business. These include:

  • It helps to generate reviews for the growth of your business

Myreviewninja helps you to generate reviews in a more personalized manner. It sends personalized emails or text messages to customers requesting them to make reviews.

Customers can make a review on Google, Facebook, Yelp and other review sites.

  • It monitors Reviews

Myreviewninja helps to enhance your online reputation by monitoring customer’s reviews in over a hundred review sites.

This allows you to have a first-hand view of each review before anyone else. This is done so that you can attend to each review accordingly.

  • It protects your Business Reputation

It allows you to respond to customer’s reviews from the dashboard. With this, you can immediately respond to each review.

Myreviewninja helps to protect your business reputation by proactively identifying unhappy customers so that you can adequately attend to their displeasures and needs. You can also appreciate happy customers and encourage positive reviews.

  • It accumulates reviews on your Business Website

Myreviewninja helps to increase reviews on the website that matters most to your business. It does this by collecting reviews from other review sites and accumulate them on major business website.

This enables prospective customers to read more reviews so they can have more trust in your business and make quicker purchase decisions.

  • It increases click-through rates

Myreviewninja increases your click-through rate with the availability of a WordPress plugin. It helps to display your ratings on Google search results and other search engines which leads to the increase of traffic to your website.

Increase in traffic leads to an increase in click-through rates.

  • Pricing

Myreviewninja is very affordable. You can get the software according to your requirements. It offers a free plan and also a paid plan where you will need to request a quote by filling up a price form.

Custom prices are given based on the size of your business.