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What is ReputationLoop and its Features and pricing?

Today, the world is all about reputation management of your business.

If you are a startup firm and if you are willing to grow your business online, switch over to ReputationLoop today.

The automated reputation management software from ReputationLoop is the best in industrial market today. The entire team works harmoniously to help your business attain its business goals.

What is ReputationLoop ?

You can say, ReputationLoop is world’s first reputation marketing platform. It is specifically designed to empower the local businesses to gain control over their online presence and business reputation.

It proffers a hands-off approach for such business owners. To lead their client businesses towards success the entire Reputation Loop team thrives in continuing to innovate, upgrade and automate their services and processes.

The birth of ReputationLoop was to signify their consulting business by automating their manual processes.

Reputation Loop has a robust experience of about fifteen years of satisfying their client businesses with safe, fast and secured services. The reputation marketing software focuses on the totality of business reputation management for their client businesses.

What are the features of Reputation Loop?

Business Listing Management: The business listing helps your clients to search your business across the internet. The business listings are inclusive of primary as well as enhanced information regarding your business on multiple sites, maps and mobile applications. All the information that goes under business listings must be accurate and precise which facilitates the business clients to locate your businesses presence.

Integrations: Some of the API integrations from Reputation Pool includes Dentrix G4, Dentrix G5, Dentrix G6, Open Dental 12, Open Dental 13, Open Dental 14, and other related API integrations. ReputationLoop helps your business with review generation. With its exclusive directory integration feature, Reputation Loop ensures the ubiquitous presence of your business from one single click.

Review generation:

Reputation management feature from ReputationLoop helps in review generation for your business uploaded on your social media posts.

Review generation and monitoring feature enable you to view the snapshots of your business reviews. Also, it also features review snapshots within the display zone of your ReputationLoop dashboard. Also, it facilitates you to receive real-time SMS and email review alerts. Now you can even add additional employees and staff emails for notification.

With review generation and monitoring feature from Reputation Loop, you can control the negative feedbacks and workflow management of your businesses.


The review overtime reporting feature from ReputationLoop helps your business with review generation.

With this feature, you can quickly go through the past reviews for the week, month, year and even for a particular date. The average rating overtime visual snapshot displays the average ratings from feedback and review generation. Every business report generated from ReputationLoop contains a text analytical program.

The weekly and monthly automated reports help your business with the customisation of scheduled reports.

Performance of the Employees: With ReputationLoop , you can quickly put on your business reviews on your mobile. ReputationLoop offers a simplified form to capture customer information. It also helps you to track feedback totality of each employee. With ReputationLoop , you can even follow the performance of each of your employees.

Micro Business Website:

With ReputationLoop , you can expand your business with the inclusion of the customer feedback about your recent posts. It facilitates you to share particular feedback and review and share it correspondingly on your micro business website. This configuration feature is available on your reputation management platform which provides you with the control over displaying your essential business information.

It is inclusive of the company or individual branding, feedback on your recent business posts and reviewing your business posts online. Besides, it also maintains an accuracy with the display of business hours, necessary company information, your business social media accounts, and specific link to external business review pages.


The ReputationLoop platform offers your business with their reputation management platform into three specified categories such as single business, enterprise, and marketing agencies.

ReputationLoop platform accepts payment via Visa, Discover, Amex, Mastercard and Paypal with a monthly or annual payment option. ReputationLoop gives you the liberty to cancel, upgrade or downgrade your reputation management dashboard anytime.

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