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Reputation Management Software Wavereview Alternative, Why Myreviewninja is Better than Wavereview to Generate Online Reviews?

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Nowadays, purchasers have become tremendously tech-savvy because most of them go through online reviews prior to making any purchasing decision. If a brand holds a large number of positive reviews, then they think it as a reliable brand. For that reason and others, it is very important to have a good number of good and positive online reviews. However, this first condition is that you need to sell the top-class products so that customers get inspired to leave reviews on your brand.

Nevertheless, many times, customers don’t remember to write their experience with a service or product due to the shortage of time or other reasons and while handling the business, it becomes difficult to manage reviews of customers. Hence, you need to employ the best-in-class online review generation software and leave this meticulous yet essential task to its shoulders.

It is very important to take help from an advanced and updated online review generation tool so that you can get maximum benefits from it.

What is WaveReview?

 WaveReview is a great online review generation tool that is featured a number of functionalities. It thanks consumers automatically as well as it sends short surveys, accompanied by hand-crafted emails. This incredible tool converts real consumer feedback into good positive online reviews. WaveReview is able to track advancement and handle reports, particularly in one place.

WaveReview – Features

The impressive features of WaveReview are as follows:

Reserve Your Customers: WaveReview greatly works in improving the effectiveness and frequency of consumer interaction. Each of the customers receives a friendly survey after the users of WaveReview have opened a dialog already. Thus, it boosts the response rate as a whole. Negative reviews get filtered and then dispatched an auto-apology and it is escalated to the manager as well for resolving prior to the possibility of an online complaint by a customer. In this way, it enhances satisfaction as well as retention.

According to a fact, four out of five customers or 80% of the customers preserve their buying decisions depending on negative reviews.

  • Control Your Online Influence: WaveReview is capable of enhancing the image of its users and also constructs their reputation by aiming their most supportive consumers. It can proactively contact them through their tracked and targeted automated emails and provide a great help in publicizing the good and positive news regarding your brand. More and more positive reviews signify improvement of the online rankings. Thus, you can expect to popularize your business.

The 8 of 10 of customers that have been surveyed opine that they have faith on online reviews just like a personal recommendation, as per a fact.

  • Enhance Your Positive Reviews: Reviews are capable of making, popularize or break any business nowadays. Online reviews are very important for making a prominent online presence. WaveReview only focuses on the enhancement of its users’ reviews along with ratings. It is the one and only focuses of

Regardless of this fact, you hold an online ecommerce website, a spa, and hotel or if you are an Amazon merchant or involved with some other kind of business, then WaveReview can provide an incredible help to you. The applications of WaveReview is sufficiently flexible to send the positive comments of the customers to various social review channel, as per your choices, such as TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Yelp, or your individual website.

A fact says that a one-star rating enhancement on Yelp can result in to a 9% enhancement in sales.

WaveReview – Pricing Plans

You will get 30-day Free Trial on every Plan of WaveReview. It offers a number of different pricing plans in order to fulfill the requirements and budgets of its customers. The major distinguishing feature between these plans is the count of consumer contacts that can be performed every month. The pricing plans of WaveReview are as follows:

  • Mini: You will get the facility of 75 Monthly Customer Contacts at $14/Month.
  • Lite: The users will receive the facility of the 300 Monthly Customer Contacts at $29/Month.
  • Basic: WaveReview offers the facility of the 1,200 Monthly Customer Contacts at $59/Month.
  • Pro: It offers the facility of the 5,000 Monthly Customer Contacts at $99/Month.

MyReviewNinja – Features

Nowadays, you can’t expect to sell a product or service without having a decent number of online reviews. MyReviewNinja is a great platform that is greatly helpful in driving your consumers for becoming the incredible marketing engine. It is capable of dramatically improving the volume of review and ratings. This incredible platform is also helpful in driving higher consumer acquisition and improving revenue. MyReviewNinja offers a range of helpful features to its customers:

  • Online Review Monitoring:

This great software enables companies for monitoring the online reviews of the users and encouraging positive experiences via online review platforms.

  • Online Review Management: MyReviewNinja makes the procedure of online review management an easy one. You will not miss a single review. This powerful software collects each and every online review in a particular place.
  • Review Generation: MyReviewNinja performs this task through the utilization of an advanced automated procedure that will collect, filter, and encourage reviews throughout the most famous platforms.
  • Social Publishing: MyReviewNinja streamlines the procedure of finding, managing, and publishing spellbinding social media content in times of automating the particular social publishing.
  • Business Intelligence: MyReviewNinja helps executives, managers along with other corporate end users in making well-informed business decisions.
  • Competitor Analysis: MyReviewNinja helps in identifying its users’ competitors as well as gauging their strategies in determining their strengths along with weaknesses concerning your individual service or product.

Why is MyReviewNinja better than WaveReview?

The basic plan of MyReviewNinja is $40 single location. It signifies that this specific tool is for local businesses only. If your business has various locations, then you will need to invest only $30/location. With MyReviewNinja, you will have an array of great features and that is in a budget-friendly investment.

Good and positive reviews are very important to make a brand popular and make prospects aware of the particular products or services. MyReviewNinja is the best platform to hire to get incredible results. In case you are searching good online review generation software, then MyReviewNinja is the appropriate tool for you.


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My Review Ninja pricing is very flexible for your any type of business. Our pricing plans will help you to get more reviews from your customers,if you want customized Pricing, please let us know.

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