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Top 10 Reputation Management & Review Generation Software to Get More Reviews

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The term ‘ Reputation Management’ has become very popular nowadays. We are well-versed with the importance of reviews in this digital era.

Today, people don’t go for any product or service if they find any negative review involved with them. Therefore, gaining positive reviews is very important for a business growth.

If you are a business owner, then it’s your foremost responsibility to provide the best-in-class and top-quality service or product to your customers. However, for the sake of the technology, good ranges of review generation software have come into the picture.

Reputation Management Software is referred to the procedure of collecting positive reviews of customers to bring your business to a new height.

Importance of Reputation Management and Review Generation Software

We are all aware of the importance of word of mouth and in this digital era, its improved version is an online review. Today people have become tech-savvy and they don’t forget to check online reviews while it’s come to the question of purchasing a product or service from a new brand. Therefore, if you have just started your business, then you need to create a prominent online presence.

4 Importance reasons for Reputation Management

Reputation Management is of great importance nowadays. Let’s discuss some of them below:

  • A vast portion of customers relies on personal reviews and professional reviews alike.
  • The overall reputation of your business will improve.
  • Good positive reviews are able to attract more audiences.
  • The top Search Engines give priority to businesses that have acquired 4-5 stars.

Now, it’s time to discuss 10 best-in-class Review Generation Software that can exceptionally help you in your business growth:

Reputation Management software #1 WaveReview

WaveReview is one of the best review generation software in today’s market. You can tremendously improve your online ratings and reviews within 30 days. Some of the advantages of WaveReview are as follows:

  • WaveReview thank your clients automatically and send them short surveys accompanied by hand-made emails. It can convert real feedback of your clients into outstanding online positive reviews. WaveReview can track advancement and handle reports in a single location.
  • WaveReview will help you improve the effectiveness and persistence of client interaction. All of your clients will receive an inviting survey once you open a dialog, thus it can improve the response rate as a whole. This top-notch review generation software effectively filters negative reviews and then dispatch an auto-apology. It does not leave any chance through which clients can lodge an online complaint against you. Thus, it can enhance overall client satisfaction and client retention.
  • WaveReview helps to improve your trustworthiness and in this way, it can build a strong reputation of yours by focusing on the most encouraging clients. This particular software interacts with them through their best-in-class focused and tracked automated emails. It inspires those clients in dispersing positive news about your brand. More and more positive reviews will greatly help to improve your online rankings. Thus, you can make a prominent online presence.

Reviews are very much powerful. They can able to construct or destruct a business. That’s why WaveReview properly focuses on the improvement of ratings and reviews.

Reputation Management Software #2 BrandRep

  • BrandRep is a renowned company that offers a great review generation service. Having a considerable amount of positive reviews is very important for any business development. BrandRep performs this function through an advanced and automated process that is involved with multiple things, such as collection, filter, and promotion of reviews within the world-renowned local directories.
  • Positive review generation exceptionally helps in empowering your online reliability and thus you can expect to acquire a good ranking. Once reviews start gathering, more and more audiences start noticing them and more people is expected to go with your business and become interested to try your services or products while they come over the online platform in search of the similar type of product or service.
  • Review generation is one of the best ways through which your business is expected to have a global recognition. In a nutshell, review generation is a wise strategy that will help you in improving the advantages involved with positive reviews, simultaneously lowering the negativity that might come from negative ones.

Review generation is one of the powerful business marketing strategies. While you start gathering positive reviews, you will get a chance to stand out from your competitors. Thus, you can outshine your competitors in your domain. This cutting-edge software helps attract new customers, who are searching for the similar product you offer.

Reputation Management Software #3 ReviewTrackers

ReviewTrackers is an outstanding tool to help you out in improving your brand reputation. Let’s discuss some of its incredible and top-notch features:

  • ReviewTrackers is very helpful in generating new reviews with the help of email campaigns, on-site kiosks, SMS, and personalized landing pages. Thus you can expect to get tremendous brand awareness by getting higher star ratings. You will also get a prominent presence in local search.
  • The incredible platform of ReviewTrackers enables its users to target their brand promoters to acquire more 5-star responses. It can be very helpful in improving your online response and brand reputation on review websites. Requesting for reviews can result in higher star ratings, as compared to unprompted reviews.
  • ReviewTrackers is not just about a review generation tool. Requests can be combined with outstanding customer surveys to gather more actionable quantitative data. Critics can also be filtered to make them drop you internal feedback. On the other hands, promoters are redirected to popular review websites to drop a review. For the sake of ReviewTrackers dashboard, you will be capable of synthesizing each and every internal and external feedback.
  • ReviewTrackers is the smartest approach to yield new reviews. Through the utilization of Smart Suggest facility, you can identify the review websites from where you can gain huge benefits from acquiring more reviews. You need to remember that your product or services should match their expectations and after that, if you ask and request them for providing reviews, then you can expect to get a large number of positive reviews. You just need to ask with ReviewTrackers.
  • ReviewTrackers helps to discover your most faithful customers. You need to find out their experiences with your product or service and you can know it through the top-notch features of built-in survey tools, sentiment analysis, email campaign performance metrics, and SMS. For the sake of Smart Suggest, you will get a golden opportunity to discover those websites from where you can obtain tremendous benefit from acquiring more reviews so that you can ask your customers to share their incredible experience there.
  • Do you know positive and fresh reviews are able to exceptionally boost your search engine performance? This is a vital factor while it comes to a question of attracting more and more customers and enhancing conversion. High ratings help to create an incredible brand reputation and it displays social proof, that, in turn, generates confidence to your shoppers.
  • With the help of Kiosk Mode, you can go for an in-person review request to boost the customer feedback quality. In times of checkout or during the last phase of your customers’ visit, you can hand over them your Kiosk Mode device and leave the rest part to
  • The incredible feature “Ask with ReviewTrackers” is equipped with the features of an intelligent workflow. It has made customer feedback management an simplified process. You can also create your own SMS and email campaigns. With the help of responsive and beautifully-designed feedback landing pages, you can expect to improve your brand reputation to a great extent. You can also automate the follow-up for the sake of drip campaigns and scheduled reminders.

Reputation Management Software #4 BIRDEYE

BIRDEYE is one of the greatest platforms that encourages your clients for becoming a marketing engine. The benefits of their service are as follows:

  • Online Presence: BIRDEYE helps your business by providing it with a prominent online visibility. It brings that business on the map by attaching correct information.
  • Review Monitoring: They will let you know about a feedback of a new customer through the facility of real-time notifications.
  • Review Generation: BIRDEYE can easily generate new customer reviews. In this way, you can expect a great improvement in your business growth.
  • Review Management: BIRDEYE detects and responds from each and every review coming from everywhere in a single place.
  • Review Marketing: They escalate the voices of your clients and thus the promotion of your online reputation will happen automatically.
  • Customer Surveys: BIRDEYE designs interesting surveys to drive your customers towards them and make those customers encouraged in providing their response.
  • Social Listening: They keep track each and every influential conversation on social media and also listen to the words of your customers.
  • Social Publishing: BIRDEYE can effectively plan, make a schedule, and post to several social networks from one single place.
  • Social Ticketing: Negative reviews can adversely affect your business due to which you can lose your future prospects. BIRDEYE works on negative words prior to arising any further complications.
  • Business Insights: They can transform disorganized feedbacks of customers into actionable
  • Competitor Analysis: BIRDEYE learns from the improvement of your competitors and performs its implementation.

Reputation Management Software #5 MAGICRATING

MagicRating helps by acquiring feedbacks of patients’ and thus gives a great encouragement in online reviews.

Now, your practice can get a straightforward yet robust platform to collect patient feedback and get an encouragement to online reviews. MagicRating is a great automated platform that can be initiated only with the email address of your patients and then let it do its work. Let’s discuss some of its benefits:

  • It only requires an Email to get started: MagicRating provides an outstanding and top-notch platform, as well as the process, for initiating the collection of feedback in a gentle way and thus you can engage with all of your patients. It sends a personalized email to onset the feedback procedure once you enter the email address of your patients. It’s really fast, easy, and straightforward.
  •   Patients provide their Feedback: MagicRating will ask to provide ratings how likely patients will give reference to your practice to their friend and then ask for comment about their experience. This particular rating procedure will be helpful in generating your Net Promoter Score. It is a particular key indicator, as well as data, that indicates your practice along with the patient relationship.
  •   Patients, who give you higher ratings (according to your rating criteria), will be asked to review your practice on one of the eminent review websites. Inferior patient experiences will be caught privately to help you in following-up with those patients in order to fix their issues.
  •   Testimonial Widget for the Website: MagicRating provides you with the facility of testimonial widget. Through which displaying of robust testimonials of your patients on your website will become easy. MagicRating enables manual control for testimonials.
  •  Provide Encouragement on Online Reviews: We are all well-versed with the importance of the consistent flow of positive online review to make a great online reputation and MagicRating works on it to achieve the goal.
  • Review Scanning and Reporting: MagicRating offers a tremendous platform through which online review reputation can be managed.

Reputation Management Software #6 Yotpo 

Yotpo makes use of one incredible concept – The Mail After Purchase (in short, MAP). It is the best-in-class approach, makes your clients feel motivated about writing reviews regarding your website and products.

  • Selecting Right Products to ask for Reviews: Yotpo makes use of an advanced algorithm that can determine appropriate products for which they can request reviews. This algorithm is also able to decide the time-frame of sending review requests.

 Higher Response Rate: The incredible review request emails of Yotpo make use of the best-in-class proprietary technology  (supported by data science), resulting in email open rate of 40-50% and review response rate of 6-11%.

  • Review Generation with Reminders: Yotpo helps in augmenting the review generation process through Reminders (backed by algorithm). It is well-versed with the time-frame and procedure of reminding your clients of leaving a review.
  • It knows the Proper Time to get Engaged: Yotpo makes use of data science to find out the appropriate time to send emails to your clients so that you can receive more and more reviews.

Now, let’s discuss the benefits of Yotpo that it offers to its clients:

  • Yotpo helps its users to achieve better marketing and high-quality traffic. Whenever it is used off-site, online positive reviews are able to attract a high amount of quality traffic that can convert into purchasing customers.
  • Yotpo is capable of enhancing SEO and improving ROI.
  • Yotpo can able to engage clients and keep buyers. Reviews are one of the best ways to build relationships with buyers so that they can become returning clients.
  • Yotpo is helpful in building trust and thus your sale can be improved. If a website features company and product reviews, then they will provide a great help in building trust and reliability with prospects and in this way, your on-site conversations will be improved.
  • Yotpo is very helpful in Visual Marketing as well. It is performed by user-generated photos. It can collect genuine user-generated photos from clients accompanied by their reviews and display them on the specific website, ads, and social pages.

Reputation Management Software #7  MortHub

MortHub provides a great help in generating positive reviews. Let’s check its benefits:

  • Gather Valuable Feedbacks: MortHub collects feedbacks from each and every customer or from some particular customers so that they can state their experience.
  • Give Encouragement in Positive Reviews: MortHub provides encouragement to those customers, who are satisfied with the particular service and interested to write a 5-star review for that particular product or service.
  • Gain Perception of Client Experience: MortHub is able to detect whether there is any continuing issue with customer service or not. It provides you with the reassurance that you are doing a fabulous job.

Now let’s discuss the work structure of MortHub:

MortHub is very helpful in increasing positive reviews in a simpler way. You can expect to improve positive reviews with the best-in-class review generation tools of MortHub. You can easily control your online reputation.

  • MortHub collects feedbacks from your customers: MortHub prevents customers from dropping negative reviews and provides them with encouragement to post outstanding 5-star reviews. With the help of this top-notch software, you will be able to dispatch emails to your recent customers to drop their feedbacks on their valuable experience with your product or service.
  • MortHub catches negative feedback: In case a customer provides below 4 stars feedback, then they will be requested to give further information about their experience so that you can analyze and resolve those issues and acquire perception on your business.
  • MortHub shares Positive Feedback: In case a customer posts a positive 4 or 5-star feedback, then this amazing software will inspire them automatically to post a review, as per your preferred website. If those customers don’t provide any response on an immediate basis, then it will follow up automatically in some days.

Reputation Management Software #8 HOTH STARS 

HOTH STARS is the best-in-class reputation management software. It is helpful in receiving more customer reviews on Autopilot. We are well-versed with the importance of customer reviews, as they can make your brand popular (through positive reviews) or can also break its reputation (through negative reviews). However, the irony of fate is that many times customers do post negative reviews that can provide a negative impact on the overall brand reputation.

The sigh of relief is that HOTH STARS’ Reputation Management Software can exceptionally help you in acquiring more positive reviews on a website, as per your requirement and preference. It is able to manage any kind of critical reviews in a confidential manner.

Benefits of HOTH STARS 

  • You will easily receive more Customer Reviews: For the sake of one code snippet, reviews can be gathered anywhere. In case your customers give you 4 or 5-star positive ratings, then they will be encouraged to drop a review on a website that you prefer. On the other hand, they give 1-3 stars accompanied by negative sentiments, then they will be encouraged to message you confidentially. Thus HOTH STARS provide you with an opportunity to handle this type of issue.
  • Collect Reviews on Well-known Websites: For the sake of the outstanding platform HOTH STARS, you can pick some popular websites, according to your preference and requirement. You can select from more than 50 review websites. You can expect to get positive reviews on those selected websites.
  • Block Negative Reviews: Many times negative impression can be caused by due to some simple misunderstandings. Customers, who have dropped negative impressions are prompted to a particular form through which you can better handle their issues in a private way. Thus, you will have a golden opportunity to resolve all negative thoughts before the customers start dropping public reviews.
  • White Label Reporting: HOTH STARS is able to produce 100% white label reports to give it to your clients in web-based or PDF form. It is involved in Overall Average Rating, Individual Review Details, Aggregate Reviews and Ratings Over Time, Review Volume and Distribution, and Rating Distribution.

You can think about using HOTH STARS for improving your online reputation.

Reputation Management Software #9 PowerReviews

With the help of PowerReviews, you can expect to improve your brand awareness. If you just opened a startup, then it is crucial to make a great brand awareness and if you already have an established enterprise, then you need to retain your brand reputation. Now, let’s discuss how PowerReviews can help you in building and improving your online reputation:

  • More Content: Online reviews play an important role in today’s business growth. More and more positive reviews help to get more and more traffic and improvement of sales. It is said that a product without reviews can see improvement on its sales by 92% in case it adds the review (s) and thus conversion can be increased by 65%. With the help of this mobile-friendly platform and its continuous innovations, retailers and brands can be able to yield content that can help in direct sales, insights, and traffic.
  • More Reach: Bringing more and more review content in front of shoppers means expectations of more sales. Through syndication, PowerReviews can distribute genuine review content that has been gathered on brand websites to e-commerce retailers for reaching a large number of buyers. Averagely, retailers obtain 58% of their review content with the help of syndication.
  • Better Insights: Reviews are helpful in providing greater insights that, in turn, helps brands and retailers to improve their services, products, as well as, shopping experience.
  • Easy to Use: PowerReviews is an easy-to-implement software that can be easily configured and updated.

Most of the customers make their purchasing decisions after going through online reviews and therefore, it is very important to choose a perfect software to make a prominent online presence. You can consider PowerReviews to attract more and more customers, retain existing customers, and improve brand reputation and sales.

Reputation Management Software #10 LocalClarity

LocalClarity is one of the best platforms for empowering businesses in multiple locations in order to take control of their presence and reputation. Brands all around the globe make use this particular tool for acquiring perceptions into the trends of customer feedback, build strong customer relationships with the help of direct responses to reviews.

LocalClarity finds out insights all around the different locations, towns, states, or countries and brings further local web traffic to provide great power to sales.

The features of LocalClarity are Built for Scale, Dashboard View, Performance Insights, Reporting Suite, Review Management, Direct Responses, Workflows, Historic Data, Insights Team, Research Library, Integrations, and Adaptive Architecture.

Now, let’s discuss the benefits of LocalClarity:

  • Review Management with the help of Unmatched Visibility and Control: LocalClarity provides exceptional help by engaging with your each and every customer in your every location from one single control panel. It connects top-notch accounts to get all the things into one particular ReviewsInbox, as well as, a comprehensive dashboard. LocalClarity easily monitors and provides a response to reviews in a real-time manner, improves rankings in local search engine, keeps track of performance, improves your reputation, and operates additional sales.
  • In-depth Performance Insights around your business: An outstanding dashboard and robust grouping and filtering facility enables you to assess your data in exceptional ways. LocalClarity can view insights (maps, searches, driving directions, website visits, phone calls etc vs. photo counts, indirect queries, and engagement) by country, state, city etc. It also views trends on the basis of the month, week, or day. LocalClarity can make the connection with your optimization efforts and authentic outcomes to prove ROI. It can also download the data for making the connection with your personal BI tools.
  • Robust Collaboration: LocalClarity can create roles for the purpose of identifying control and visibility. It provides reporting to crucial stakeholders on the monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

It is not a comprehensive list, as LocalClarity also provides several other facilities to its users.

Reviews play a vital role in building a brand reputation through which you can expect to get more audience on your website. Positive reviews make your business a great success while negative reviews can affect adversely on your brand. Therefore, it is very important to go for a correct Review Generation Software.

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