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25 Outstanding Reputation management & Review generation Software in 2019

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25 Best Reputation management & Review generation Software in 2019

Do you want to know the top 25 Reputation Management and Review Generation Software in 2019 that would help your company rank on top this year?

No need to worry. I’ll discuss the top 25 bets now!

Here’s the list of the top 25 Reputation Management and Review Generation Software in 2019.

  • BirdEye.
  • Trustpilot.
  • Bazaarvoice.
  • Yotpo.
  • PowerReviews.
  • TurnTo.
  • Reviewbox.
  • Feefo.
  • ResellerRatings.
  • Verified Reviews.
  • Feedback Genius
  • Shopper Approved.
  • TrustSpot.
  • eKomi.
  • FeedbackFive.
  • Annex Cloud.
  • TRUSTist REVIEWer.
  • Bravo Video.
  • Glowboard.
  • Reevo.
  • Sprinklr Social.
  • LocalClarity.

I’ll go into the details now.

  • MyReviewninja

Topping the top 25 Reputation Management and Review Generation Software in 2019 list is the maintains the lead in providing the best reputation management service through its capability to generate upfront customer reviews for over 100 websites- all in real-time.

MyReviewninja Pricing

You can avail a free trial service of, but for the premium (Plus plan); you just need to contact the website for a specific price quote.

Pros of MyReviewninja

Provides infinite review invites through SMS and email.

Employs the best Autopilot technology that is capable of generating thousands of real reviews.

It will reflect the website’s performance on Organic results and search engines.

Cons of MyReviewninja

There’s no reported glitch of using the

From the effective system of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting customer’s review down to providing a complete package of management and tracking tools, the BirdEye has set the gold standards in Reputation Management and Review Generation Software since 2012.

Recently, this reputation platform from California introduced its mobile app to address the demand of on-the-go clients.

BirdEye Pricing

For small-sized business (SMB), BirdEye would charge $3k/ year for full access, while for business enterprises, the rate could reach up to $1000k per year.

On average, the contract value of BirdEye, per location, is $5,000 / month.

You can also avail the platform’s 30- day trial offering if you want to check its efficiency for free.

Pros of BirdEye

BirdEye developed a real-time feedback mechanism that is capable of fetching data from different sites.

BirdEye’s mobile app is a milestone in business reputation management. The application provides the fastest way to connect to customers and tracks reviews from different social media sites.

This platform does not only provide quality features and monitoring tools but it also nominates insights to keep the business successful.

Cons of BirdEye

There’s no reported error or glitch of using the BirdEye as of the posting of this article.

  • TrustPilot.

Trustpilot reputation management tool specializes in helping online businesses establish trust with their customers. It develops a digital mechanism that allows companies to discover, share, and utilize customer reviews.

Trustpilot Pricing

Trustpilot offers a free trial with limited access to features.

For premium services, Trustpilot offers three plans: Lite, Pro, and Enterprise. Lite Plan is worth $299/ month and the Pro is $549/ month. Meanwhile, the price of the Custom plan is quoted based on a specific deal made by the client and the Trustpilot admin.

Pros of Trustpilot

Trustpilot will make your business on top of Google. Using this platform, your website will also get Google Seller Ratings that would eventually add more gold stars to your Adword promotion.

Another advantage of Trustpilot is the simplicity of its installation and integration to websites.

Trustpilot’s interface generates a lot of positive reviews among users. The navigation panels and the prompt response from Customer Support Manager also made this Reputation Management and Review Generation Software the best choice.

Cons of Trustpilot

You are not allowed to import or download any reviews from Trustpilot. In other words, you are not the owner of the reviews.

Trustpilot requires an upfront payment prior to full access to the service. Most of its competitors do not require such.

This portal only provides one SEO benefit- having a do-follow link after setting up your page on Trustpilot’s website.

  • Bazaarvoice

The Bazaarvoice is the top choice of retailers in terms of building quality and credibility of service online. It provides a continuous flow of customer reviews that retailers could post on their websites.

Bazaarvoice Pricing

The portal provides a Free Trial, Basic, and Premium Connections plans. The Trial and Basic plans are free of charge, while the charge of the premium service is determined by quote.

Pros of Bazaarvoice

Presence of Client Success Teams who are organic to the client’s region.

It also employs the most reliable anti-fraud protection among the reputation management soft wares.

It allows retailers to tailor customized forms to suit their needs.

Cons of Bazaarvoice

The portal does not expand and support most of the retailers outside the U.S.

Though offering an effective site or form customization option, the cost of this service is way too high.

It has an astringent way of filtering reviews, thus, you cannot upload your own review once it doesn’t meet their standards.

  • Yotpo

If you are searching for software that has the capacity to propel user-generated contents, contact Yotpo now.

The software also provides a user- friendly dashboard that is easy to hover compared to its rivals.

 Yotpo Pricing

The starting price for the Yotpo premium is $29.00 per month. If you want to try first its limited service, you can also avail the free demo service of Yotpo.

Pros of Yotpo

Yotpo helps build a strong brand, not only by providing customer reviews but through employing so-called visual marketing. In other words, Yotpo displays the customer’s photo or even video alongside the reviews.

It also utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) in answering customer queries and in collecting reviews.

To boost the marketing strategy, Yotpo provides customized loyalty and referral premiums to the customers.

Cons of Yotpo

This platform works best only for big online stores or retailers.

There were reported faulty search functions on the web site’s back end support.

Based its rate on the number of sent review emails which, most of the time, constitutes to a higher charge.

  • PowerReviews

The PoperReviews is also a good Reputation Management and Review Generation Software in 2019.

This platform made an innovation after developing the ‘Product Pulse’ which is an advanced measurement panel that interprets consumer’s ‘feel’ about a particular product.

PowerReviews Pricing

There’s no available free trial access in PowerViews, but it offers three premium deals: the Standard, Business, and Enterprise plans.

The Standard plan is worth $399/ month, while the Business is $699/ month, and you can avail the Enterprise plan based on an agreed quote.

 Pros of PowerReviews

Provides a complete marketing template for a specific category, industry, and product.

The PowerReviews is also packed with effective SEO strategies on its services.

A complete review turnaround and sharing to all major social networking sites is available.

Cons of PowerReviews

The main setback of this platform is its obsolete dashboard.

There were complaints of several programming errors and obsolete content reviews.

You will encounter difficulty in updating your website’s plugin once you linked it with the PowerReviews domain.

  • TurnTo

This platform is dubbed as ‘the hope of the next generation’ in terms of providing marketing contents after successfully introducing a ‘four-punch hit’ strategy in the online market. TurnTo combines Community Question and Answer, Checkout Comments, Ratings and Reviews, and Visual Reviews features to cater to the high demands of the current market.

TurnTo Pricing

To know the specific rate, you need to contact the admin of TurnTo and ask for an exclusive quotation.

Pros of TurnTo

Expect a huge influx of product reviews and comments just moments after you posted the product on sale online.

It has the most comprehensive Q & A bank that allows automatic response even with the most complicated queries that the client would ask.

Enjoy engaging visuals that allow customers to experience intangible products or services.

Cons of TurnTo

Among the few reported cons of TurnTo is the longer time needed for its configuration.

Due to its engaging visual interfaces, most of the customers just hover directly to the photos and ask the products specs instead of looking at the product description first.


If you are after for a Google-sanctioned provider of product reviews, the must be perfect for you. Pricing

Start availing the services of this platform for only $29 a month.

Pros of

Only collects verified reviews and automatically shares it on Google.

It provides a complete pack of review and promotion strategies, including an automatic collection of photo and publishing of contents, providing Bing and Google Seller Ratings, Snippets with proven CTR, and allows users to create a Facebook ad and Google reviews with analytics

Has a Third Party Review Management Tool that allows complete management of online reputation.

Cons of

The portal’s Support Team is not that prompt in answering the client’s query.

To answer to reviewers, you need to pay first.

You cannot also report fake reviews or spams unless you provide payment.

Reviewbox. This portal establishes its credibility in helping manufacturers monitor the stance of their products on Walmart, Amazon, and other major retailing websites.

  • Reviewbox Pricing

You need to contact the admin of Reviewbox and ask for a quotation.

Pros of Reviewbox

Enables comprehensive monitoring of e-commerce data, including the search rank position, sales rank, Buy box, and 3P prices.

It offers 24/ 7 monitoring of customers’ feedback and then nominates an insight on how to improve your product.

No chance for the hackers to edit the contents since you are provided with an automatic notification alert once the system detects any changes.

Cons of Reviewbox

As of the press time, there was no reported irregularity or problem in using the Reviewbox platform.

  • Feefo

It is a Reputation Management and Review Generation Software that promises nothing but a continuous flow of genuine reviews. But what makes Feefo far way better than other is that it complements its services with SEO support.

Feefo Pricing

There’s a limited free trial plan that Feefo provides to first-timers. However, if you want the premium service, choose from the three plans: Small Business (£99 / month), Professional (£299 / month), and Enterprise (£499 / month).

Pros of Feefo

It offers full website integration support and automatic entry for Google organic star ratings.

Provides e-commerce support and integration.

You are assured of all its provided reviews since it is listed as one of Google’s trusted partners.

Cons of Feefo

As of the press time, there were no available records online showing any glitch of using the Feefo platform.

  • ResellerRatings

This is an integrated review management site that helps businesses understand their customers by analyzing reviews. The ResellerRatings is also capable of providing a unified customer profile since it employs a syndicated user-generated content across search engines.

ResellerRatings Pricing

There’s no explicit price range posted, you have to contact the admin of the ResellerRatings page to know further details.

Pros of ResellerRatings

Provided verified customer’s reviews and experiences.

The portal has thousands of visitors every day so you are assured of a high ROI.

ResellerRatings is SEO optimized and also doing well in all of its Adwords campaigns.

Cons of ResellerRatings

The portal immediately filters negative reviews that sometimes register a bad impression to customers.

You are not also allowed to reply in any of the reviews posted under the domain of ResellerRatings.

You cannot cancel any sealed contract with the ResellerRatings no matter how justifiable the reason is.

  • Verified Reviews

Capable of providing product ratings and reviews from actual consumers, the Verified Reviews is also included in the Top 25 Reputation Management and Review Generation Software in 2019 list.

Verified Reviews Pricing

This platform offers six premium plans: Silver ($99/month), Gold ($159/month), Platinum ($259/month), Diamond ($619/month), Ultimate ($1299/month), and Infinite (per quotation basis)

Pros of Verified Reviews

It is an official partner of Google, Yahoo, and Bing so you are assured of real customer reviews and product ratings.

Packed with an SEO and SIM supports to prime your site on top of search engines.

Linked directly to Google my Business and Google Shopping so you can manage your online presence well.

Cons of Verified Reviews

Only limited review insight is provided.

Some complained regarding the ‘heavy’ software built of the platform that usually causes lag to computer hardware with low specs. 

  • Feedback Genius

Especially caters the needs of Amazon sellers, the Feedback Genius is capable of reaching consumers through sending cold emails and asking feedbacks.

Feedback Genius Pricing

This portal offers a free Essential Package, but if you want to avail the premium service, you need to pay $80/ month.

Pros of Feedback Genius

The interface is super user- friendly.

Has an automatic email messaging mechanism that allows easy connection with the customers.

Creating an email campaign is easy and you can customize the content, such as attaching photos to the messages.

Cons of Feedback Genius

Expensive service plans.

Only provides a limited template for email support.

The support team is also not prompt in addressing the client’s concerns.

  • Shopper Approved

This platform is deemed as the fastest-growing customer rating and review provider in the United States. The company’s success is much attributed to its linkage with Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Shopper Approved Pricing

You have three options: the Local Review ($99-$199/month), Merchant Review ($199-$599/ month), and Product Review ($199-$599/ month). These plans differ in the number of accumulated reviews and ratings that will be provided in one month.

Pros of Shopper Approved

Setting up this portal is so easy and the dashboard is customizable as well.

The Customer Support Team of the Shopper Approved is fast in addressing concerns.

You are allowed to share reviews via video and linked it to all social media platforms.

 Cons of Shopper Approved

As of the press time, there was no reported glitch of using Shopper Approved.

  • TrustSpot

With the vision to empower market brands through providing user-generated reviews and contents, no doubt, the TrustSpot is one of the top 25 dependable Reputation Management and Review Generation Software in 2019.

TrustSpot Pricing

Choose from Startup Plan ($29/ month), Growth ($79/ month), Premium ($149/ month), and Ultimate ($399/ month).

Pros of TrustSpot

Packed with all the key features, like email after purchase, direct requests, and also gives reliable company reviews.

Its free tier offering is good and caters the need of startup business.

Capable of collecting and analyzing thousands of customers’ reviews, videos, and photos

Cons of TrustSpot

The customer support is not that polite in answering the client’s questions.

There’s only a limited widget template provided to users.

Services do not include social media analytics.

  • eKomi

Being the only Goldman Sachs-supported feedback portal that specializes in product reviews, eKomi is also capable of boosting your online presence to the tee.

eKomi Pricing

This platform does not offer a free trial. To know the specific rate of service, you need to contact the site and request for a quotation first.

Pros of eKomi

Integrates reviews immediately to your website.

The portal assures that all the reviews posted are genuine. The customers are also allowed to communicate with each other and verify the content of the reviews.

Integrates social media, AdWords, and Google Shopping that set a higher standard in providing customer management.

Cons of eKomi

As of the date of publication, there are no available records online regarding reported setbacks or system glitch of this software.

  • FeedbackFive

This platform is known for inventing the first automated feedback hosting for Amazon entrepreneurs. The FeedbackFive allows the owner of the product or service to completely manage the flow of the feedback reviews and scores.

FeedbackFive Pricing

There’s free trial access to its services. If you want a premium service, choose from Basic ($9.99/month), Pro ($29.99/month), and Enterprise ($59.99/ month).

Pros of Feedback Five

It provides insights for all Amazon reviews and also tracks the trend of the customers’ preferences.

Customizable review campaigns that will hook the customers.

You are allowed to send automated emails to the reviewers.

Cons of Feedback Five

Its interface is not so user- friendly.

Lags in terms of registering product updates.

  • Annex Cloud

If you are searching for a management portal specializing in building ‘customer loyalty’’ then visit the Annex Cloud.

Annex Cloud Pricing

You can avail a free trial with limited access to service. If you want the full service, you need to contact the Annex Cloud admin for a quotation.

Pros of Annex Cloud

It is equipped with a unified platform that enables a comprehensive analysis of the customer’s feedbacks and interests.

Its Customer Loyalty solution provides 24/7 online support that helps engage customers and motivate to choose a particular brand.

Has a complete User Generated Content Cloud that includes Rating and Reviews, Questions and Answers, and Visual Commerce?

Cons of Annex Cloud

You are not allowed to buy from other brands once you avail the ‘loyalty data.’

Due to the market’s high demand for providing loyalty programs, there is a big possibility of market saturation.

You are not guaranteed that people who availed a particular loyalty program would patronize it for an extended period of time.

  • TRUSTist REVIEWer.

Want to convert reviews into Google stars? The TRUSTist REVIEWer knows how to do that.

TRUSTist REVIEWer Pricing

You need to contact the site administrator to request a quotation.

Pros of TRUSTist REVIEWer

It collects all the reviews from different online portals and integrates into one site.

The Support Service is also efficient in answering queries of clients.

Cons of TRUSTist REVIEWer

Some glitches on signing up were reported.

  • Bravo Video

This platform captures and uploads video from customers, including testimonies, product reviews, and advertisements to boost your business.

Some companies that tapped Bravo Video’s services are True, Pearson, and Act-On Software.

Bravo Video Pricing

The platform provides a free trial and for premium access, you just need to pay for $49/month.

Pros of Bravo Video

Easy navigation for capturing videos and automatic sharing them on the client’s websites.

Creates video testimonials in a subtle way using the templates and video preferences of Bravo Video.

Cons of Bravo Video

Lacks a reminder notification system that usually leads to cancellation of the filming of video testimonials.

  • Glowboard

The Glowboard is specializing in providing social reviews.

Glowboard Pricing

Avail the services of Glowboard absolutely FREE of charge!

Pros of Glowboard

Use- friendly interface

Cons of Glowboard

Has limited option to integrate other platforms. For now, only sharing reviews on Facebook and Twitter are allowed.

  • Reevo

If you are looking for an impartial review and rating provider, look no further with Reevo.

Reevo Pricing

There’s no free trial in Reevo’s service. To know the specific charge, you need to contact the admin first and request for a quote.

Pros of Reevo

Provides authentic ratings and reviews shared by customers.

In every three seconds, Reevo would feed a response to a consumer or dish a new review for analysis.

It can review and analyze user-generated contents and Q & A results.

Cons of Reevo

There’s no trial version.

It is not recommended for a business manned by 50 members only.


A pool of complete data and review monitoring tools made the deserving to be in the list of the top 25 Reputation Management and Review Generation Software 2019. Pricing

You can contact the platform and ask for a rate quotation. Pros

It is efficient in collecting reviews for top retailer websites such as Amazon and Walmart.

Links to more than 50 retail sites for comprehensive consumer analysis.

Also monitors competitors and suggest a way to improve services. Cons

Glitches on software updates and data errors were reported.

  • Sprinklr Social.

This is the first unified customer platform intended for enterprise ventures.

Sprinklr Social Pricing

The charge ranges from $60,000-$100,000 per year.

Pros of Sprinklr Social

Enjoy one of the most organized web interfaces among customer management platforms.

Provides real-time support to the customer.

You are allowed to link the platform to any mobile devices.

Cons of Sprinklr Social

There were reported cases of software lags, especially during installing updates.

  • LocalClarity.

This platform is developed mainly to cater to the needs of multi-location businesses. You can easily analyze the customer’s insights from different locations by using LocalClarity tools. 

LocalClarity Pricing

You can avail a free trial of this consumer management platform. Meanwhile, to avail the premium services, you need to request for a quotation first.

Pros of LocalClarity

Reliable in providing multi-location feedbacks and reviews since it is actively operating in 61 countries.

It also provides a lift on locals search traffics.

It provides easy reporting of analysis and you can also reply to messages in real-time.

Cons of LocalClarity

There were only minor bugs reported, like a glitch in setting Australian region. But as of the press time, the said error was already rectified.

The messaging system is not that appealing and engaging as compared to the other platforms.

These are the 25 Reputation Management and Review Generation Software in 2019, but if you want to get the best results, utilizing the top 1 of this list is more than enough!

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