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Okendo vs Yatpo vs Myreviewninja Comparison | Okendo vs Yapto alternative – Myreviewninja

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Best Reputation Management Software for Agencies

Ultimate Comparison between Okendo vs Yatpo vs Myreviewninja about their features and pricing. Also the alternative tool Myreviewninja.

Okendo Review Software

Okendo is a reputation management software that provides shoppers and consumers the means to showcase their product experiences with the public. It is used to generate customer’s reviews and ratings to build trust and reputation of a product or brand.

Customers can talk about their experiences using a product through reviews, ratings, photos, and videos.

It provides customers the platform to share their thoughts and practical experiences using a product, hence providing potential customers with needed information about the product.

It also has other great features which help to enhance the reputation of a product, business or brand. 

Features of Okendo

The features of Okendo include:

  • Content generation

Okendo allows customers to generate or provide necessary information about a particular product. A customer can talk about his or her experience using a particular product in the form of review, ratings, and comments.

Customers can display photos and videos of a product which they bought or use for people to see. Showcasing practical experience from using a product to prospective customers will build trust.

Okendo also helps to generate reviews by sending automated review requests with every product a shopper or customer buys.

Shoppers can answer review questions and also rate their product experiences. By providing incentives and loyalty rewards, businesses can get more reviews from their customers.

  • Community displays

Okendo allows businesses to display their customer experiences and reviews from start to finish. As a business owner, you can use the software to display highlights and reviews of happy customers.

This help to build trust and credibility. These displays are proofs to consumers and prospective customers.

You can display pictures, videos, reviews and ratings of happy customers to increase trust and help potential customers make quicker purchase decisions. 

  • Multi-channel marketing

Okendo allows you to integrate your customer’s contents into your marketing channels. It allows you to use the power of your customer’s reviews and ratings to increase your ranking in search engines.

This helps to boost your SEO ranking, increase traffic to your website and also increase your conversion rates.

  • Engagement and support

Okendo allows businesses to strengthen the relationships between them and their customers through review replies. They can also manage reviews by responding to customer’s reviews appropriately.

Relationships can be strengthened and reviews encouraged by replying reviews and appreciating customers for their feedback.

Businesses can acknowledge reviews and appreciate their customers for their positive reviews. Customer support integration allows negative reviews to be internally managed.

Unhappy customers are adequately attended and their issues resolved.

  • Content-control

Okendo allows you to control and review your contents before they go live. This is to make sure that every content is in line with your brand requirements.

All contents are first sent to the moderation queue for approval before they go live.

Rejected contents are prevented from going live. It detects inappropriate contents and flags them. It identifies influencers and distractors.

All these are done so as to prevent negativity and to promote excellent brand reputation.

Okendo Pricing

Okendo offers a 30-day free unlimited use.

Pricing plan includes:

  • Pro plan: $99/month
  • Power plan: $249/month
  • Enterprise plan you need to contact them.


Why Myreviewninja is better than Okendo

Myreviewninja is a reputation management software with exceptional functionalities and features. It is a software used to build, enhance and sustain the reputation of a business, organization or brand.

Myreviewninja helps to promote the good online reputation of a business which facilitates the growth of the business. It is used to generate reviews, monitor reviews and manage reviews.

Myreviewninja manages the reputation of businesses of different types and across different industries.

It keeps your products and services in a positive light in the mind of consumers by promoting positive reviews.

Features and Benefits of using Myreviewninja

Myreviewninja has many excellent features which are very beneficial and instrumental to the growth of a business.

We are going to show you some highlights of Myreviewninja and why it is a better alternative to Okendo.

  • Review generation across different review sites

Unlike Okendo where customers can only leave reviews within the software, Myreviewninja allows customers to leave reviews across other different reviews sites such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, and so on.

Myreviewninja sends automated emails and SMS to customers requesting them to leave reviews on different review platforms.

Customers decide which review platforms that prefer to leave reviews. They are not limited to only one review platform. Businesses acquire more reviews by using Myreviewninja.

  • Monitors reviews across different review sites

Unlike Okendo where reviews are only on a single platform, Myreviewninja allows businesses to monitor their reviews across multiple review sites.

As a business owner, you can monitor all reviews from different review sites from its dashboard. It notifies you when a review is made. This enables you to read all reviews before other people.

You are able to respond to reviews appropriately to enhance your business reputation. 

  • It accumulates reviews from other review sites on to your business website

Just like Okendo, Myreviewninja helps to accumulate your best reviews from different review sites and accumulate them on your business website.

It showcases the reviews that matter the most on your business website to increase trust and credibility.

With the testimonials of customers, prospective customers find it easy to trust business and make quicker purchase decisions.

  • Respond to reviews

Just like Okendo, businesses can respond to reviews with Myreviewninja. But unlike Okendo, businesses can respond to reviews across different review platforms.

Reviews are not only limited to a single platform. As a business owner, you can respond to reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other review platforms.

With this, you can proactively identify unhappy customers and provide solutions to their issues. You can also appreciate happy customers and encourage positive reviews.



Yatpo is a reputation management tool for generating reviews and providing solutions for other marketing and e-commerce activities.

It is used to generate reviews, monitor reviews, and also help to increase the search ranking of products and businesses.

Yatpo Pricing

Yatpo pricing plans are not displayed on their website. You need to contact them to get pricing quotes that perfectly suit your business.


Okendo vs Yatpo vs Myreviewninja

Taking a look at the Okendo vs Yatpo vs Myreviewninja Review software





1 Okendo showcases product experiences of shoppers and customers via reviews, ratings, comments, images, and videos. Yapto helps you to stand out in search engines by showcasing products and site ratings in organic search. Myreviewninja highlights the best reviews on your website and displays your ratings in organic search results.
2 Integrates customer’s content into marketing channels to increase SEO ranking and click-through rates Add seller ratings to Google Adwords campaigns to increase click-through rates Add plugin to your website to display ratings in Google search results to increase your click-through rates.
3 You can respond to reviews of customers by replying each review. From a dashboard, you can monitor your conversation rates and see how well your campaign is doing From the dashboard, you can monitor your campaign, request and respond to customers.
4 Okendo helps to generate reviews by sending automated review requests with every product a shopper or customer buys. Sends review request emails to customers asking them to give their feedback Automatically sends emails and SMS to customers soliciting for their reviews.
5 Increases conversion rates by showcasing positive reviews and customer’s experiences from beginning to the end. Helps to turn customer contents into sales by leveraging on reviews. Increases conversion rates by sharing positive reviews on your website thereby increasing sales.
6 Sends review questions to customers. It sends personalized review templates to customers requesting specific reviews on specific products or services. Sends personalized review templates to customers requesting customized reviews.

Why Myreviewninja is the Best Review Software

Myreviewninja has proven to be the best review software and it provides excellent functionalities.

Myreviewninja helps to enhance brand reputation and facilitate business growth. It highlights positive reviews and customer experience to increase trust and credibility.

It helps to influence and quicken consumer’s purchasing decisions by providing them with proofs of other customer’s experiences and reviews.

Myreviewninja helps to acquire more reviews by sending personalized review templates to customers, requesting them to leave reviews on different review sites.

Myreviewninja helps to increase SEO rankings so that businesses will be seen by more people on search engines. It helps to increase the click-through rates and conversion rates of business.

It notifies you when a review is made so that you can immediately check out the review before the prying eyes of other people and competitors.

Businesses can manage their reviews to make sure that their reputations are not damaged. Positive reviews are highlighted and promoted while negative reviews are internally resolved.

Myreviewninja is very affordable. You can get the software according to your requirements.

It offers a free plan. The Plus plan is $49.99/month and the Premium plan is 39.99/month.

For custom quotes, you will need to request a quote by filling up a price form. Custom prices are given based on the size of your business.

Hence these Ultimate comparisons between Okendo vs Yatpo vs Myreviewninja about their features and pricing would help to choose the best Reputation Management Software.