• Why are Google reviews so important?

  • How many Google reviews should I get in google my business page?

  • Tips to get more positive Google reviews

  • How many 5-star Google reviews should I get?

  • How to handle 1star Google reviews and remove the fake reviews?

The conversion of customers into marketing engine can make online presence of your business quite impressive. Every businessperson must know that Google is the most trustworthy search engine which can promote the platforms to a high level.

To boost revenues and to get a higher customer traffic. One must pay attention towards the number of people visiting a website along with their opinions.

Recently, a survey was conducted by the Zendesk platform. 90% of people agreed to the fact that constructive reviews affect businesses a lot. 86% of the respondents have accepted that businesses get influenced by negative reviews at most.

In any way, the conclusion depicts the effect of google reviews on the growth of a business. But, there are some more questions which come across every mind while paying attention to the term “Google Reviews”. Take a look at the following to get answers to almost every possible query.

Why are Google reviews so important?

Google reviews play a very important role in the search engine optimization of your website. Even if you are having bad google reviews, then also you can still get advantages of the search engine.

You can convert those google reviews by converting them into a useful manner with several tactics. You can urge customers for apologies if they have faced any inconvenience due to your website or services.

Apologies by the concerned authorities can convince new customers to try their services. Because it is quite usual to have human errors in the services that you are delivering. But, if you can reimburse for the same, then it can be an unbeatable option to invite customers. And to maintain good connections with the people who are already joined with you in any way.

Along with this, if you want to acquire reliable testimonials, then you can get a great help from online reviews. It is always best to use the honest testimonials in business marketing. The reason behind it is that fake things are nothing. When we compare to an honest and true review about your product or services.

Another benefit of Google reviews is that you can know the impacts of your business pretty well. Due to which, you can perform the required changes to your business by reading the customer feedback.

Either you are doing it right or wrong, but the knowledge of your work performance is a necessity.

Various studies and researches shows that most of the people use the services after going through online reviews. Along with that, the response of customer care is also taken into account. So, if you want to work on the visibility of your online platform, then google reviews can serve you with the most of it.

How many Google reviews should I get in Google My Business page?

While counting on the number of Google reviews for your business page, there is an important thing to know about it. There does not exist any Magic number which can decide the efficiency of the business market. But, the only thing that matters is the consistency of reviews. If you want to see your webpage touching heights, then a regular attention can optimize your online visibility and customer traffic.

Beginning from zero, you should ask the Google to provide reviews. According to the policies, terms, and conditions of Google, you must not be surprised to know that at least “five reviews” must be there if you really want to get the responses in the form of Google reviews.

While concerning about the number, then getting five reviews is not a stressful task. After completing the primary step, you can move further to the next step. For that, you need to make sure that you are receiving the online reviews on a regular basis as that is the only way to maintain a good visibility on an online platform for your business page.

How to get more positive google reviews?

how many google reviews

Getting authentic google reviews is not everyone’s cup of tea as it demands honesty and hard work in businesses. If you are also on the same run, then you must be seeking to get positive reviews for your services. You need not worry much about it as a little bit of concentration on the following points can assist you a lot in generating the required traffic on your online platform.

Tips to get more positive google reviews

  • On the very first note, you should ask your customers to review your services as per their own opinion. You should get printouts for the same. So that you can withdraw the attention of your customers by pasting those printed pages on the walls or the front desk of your offline stores.
  • For getting the reviews from your customers, you can take the assistance of their email address with which they are registered with you. You can send them a mail to know the ups and downs so that you can perform the remarkable changes for the same.
  • There are some people who want to review your product, but they do not have the knowledge about that. So, you should take the initiative to educate them regarding it. Being a team member of the website administration, it is your responsibility to understand it that teaching your customers can endow your business with constructive upshots.
  • After this comes the use of third-party tools as those tools can optimize a process. Due to which, you can get a pace in getting reviews from your customers.
  • Another thing that can fasten your business with the help of promotions and availability of a very high number of reviews, is the use of coupons. You can provide some freebies to your customers for giving you a positive or negative review. If you have received a good review, then give them rewards of their assistance in increasing your purchase. If you have received negative reviews, then the coupons can act as compensation for them. Due to this, more and more people will magnetize towards your platform to enjoy your services.
  • You can also take support from the email signature. Either, add an option of “Call To Action” or add a link to generate a review on the same, both the methods will be constructive for your business.
  • Last, but not the least is the response that you are delivering. Either you are getting a good or a bad review, but it is the responsibility of the website organizing team to pay attention towards them. Your one reply can gain the empathy of customers in some manner.

How many 5-star Google reviews should I get?

how many 5star google reviews

When you are having a small business and it drives huge customer traffic, then you should keep online reviews in your mind.

If you are considerate about the numbers, then you must know that the nature of reviews affects the overall rating by 47%. Recency and number matters by 41% and 35% respectively.

When it comes to the quality or can say the overall star rating, then it affects your business with 58%. So,  it is not wrong to say that having positive remarks have more importance than having a high number of reviews. But, at least you must have five positive reviews for constructive upshots. Overall, the quality matters more than the quantity of the reviews.

How to handle 1 star google reviews and remove the fake reviews?

In online businesses, it is generally observed that people run after creating fake reviews for websites regardless of positive or negative.

If you are also facing the same and have got a 1-star google review. Then you must work on this as this can ruin your online reputation in the market. But, there is a good news regarding the same if you witness a fake review on your own website or the business page. You can file a case against the person or the company who has a big hand in doing this. But, the thing is that you need to get track for it.

You should keep calm and respond to customers about the same. You should offer them a 100% refund for the purchase. This will can provide you with benefits as if this is a fake review, then you will not have to give any refund to anyone.

This can also manage to correct your image among the people on the online platforms as a refund is the best apology that you can pay for any loss.

You cannot ignore the importance of Google reviews if you are seeking to grow your business on online platforms. Along with this, having positivity is also beneficial if you want to see your company or business reaching the zenith of success.