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10 Customer Feedback Examples, How to Get Good Customer Feedback and Reviews

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Customer feedback and reviews are one of the essential parameters which will help in determining the growth or success of any business. Therefore, it is also important for businesses to manage their customer’s feedback, as the feedback helps in the following manner:

  • Online Customer reviews helps in creating your business reputation.
  • It helps in building value for your brand among people.
  • Customer feedbacks will help you understand your customer and get more sales for the business.
  • It helps in generating more business income for you and more.

Facts which signifies the importance of good customer feedback

Hence according to a survey conducted by some research parties, it has been found that:

On the basis of positive customer reviews, almost 73% customer build their trust towards a website.

Nearly more than 55% customer visit a particular site by going through the customer reviews.

More than 80% of people trust the customer reviews just as a personal recommendation. It influences their buying decision also.

How to get good customer feedback and reviews

Now let’s talk about the various ways or techniques which helps the business to create positive customer feedbacks such as:

Make diverse spaces to write reviews.

It is the way which helps your business to reach out to its potential customers. Hence, it offers a platform which ensures that the potential clients of your business can find out about you regardless of either they search about you and make any purchase from you. The typical customer review websites which are being consulted by the people to learn more about the business type or the product are Yelp, Facebook, Google My Business Listing, Amazon and more.

Send Emails requesting customer feedback and reviews

Catch up with customers by sending an email requesting feedback. You can also follow up with the customer after the interaction. While numerous associations generally request a review post-deal, there are various different chances to ask for feedback in the pre-deal process also. Clients are regularly eager to give their feedback in a personal as opposed to leaving an online review. Hence, whereas the positive and genuine feedback received from the clients has made a positive impact on the value of your business. It also helps in evaluating the business areas which needs further improvement.

Offer incentives for their customer feedback and online reviews

Time is important for all, so it is better that you provide a valuable reason to your customers to leave a review for your business. In addition, you need to offer some lucrative incentive offer which influences your customers to write a review like the discount coupons, gift cards, etc.

Place up in-Store Displays or Signage’s

Creating a data or information from the store relies on that how important a customer review is for your business. Hence, by placing them in store displays or signages will likewise make it extremely simple for clients to leave reviews on their own choice. It can be as straightforward as having a feedback area in the store. It allows the customer to leave feedback for example if you ever visit a shopper stop. You will find a tablet in their customer lounge which allows the customer to leave their feedback on their service or product quality.

Invite your customers from social media platforms

Tuning in through social media platforms can demonstrate especially valuable for gathering the sincere feedbacks from clients. Therefore, direct comments which a business may receive which helps you to collect the customer reviews whereas many social networks have the polling tools options which allow the customer to leave their reviews on the product or service of the business.

Add Customer feedback form in your website

With an embeddable on the website feedback form, also ask customers to leave positive feedback for your business. If you use wordpress, try using wordpress plugin for adding reviews to your website.

Offer Live chat support

Live chat option allow the business to know the customer reaction on their service instantly. It is also a way which helps the business to collect the customer review.

Add comment box area

One of the imaginative way which is being used by the business for measuring the client feedback. Hence, with a specific page can be found by the way that the business incorporates the comment boxes at the base of specific site pages. It provides an option to the client to leave a feedback.

Thus these are the few ways which help the businesses to receive the good customer review for their business.

Why customer feedback is important to grow your business

Customer feedback or reviews are information provided by a customer about a product or service and all other experiences. It tells if a customer is satisfied with a business and services rendered or not.

Through customer feedback, businesses have been able to know what customer wants and how to improve their products and services.

We are going to look at the importance of customer feedback on the growth of a business.

Importance of customer feedback to the growth of a business

Helps to measure customer satisfaction:

A customer will state if he/she is satisfied with a business or not. This feedback will help the business owner in knowing how satisfied or not the customer is.

Satisfied customers will want to come back but with unsatisfied customers, you need to know their dissatisfaction and how to correct it.

Improvement of products and services:

As a business owner, you will not know how well or how bad your product and services are until you get feedback from customers.

With customer feedbacks, you will be able to know the areas that are lacking and how best to improve on them.

It helps in acquiring new customers:

Online customer’s feedback or reviews are out there for everyone to see. Consumers that are satisfied with the reviews they have read will want to make purchases or transact business with you.

It shows that you value your customer’s opinion:

Most customers want to know that you value them and their opinions matters. By providing an avenue for them to express their thoughts and opinions, you have given them a sense of belonging.

They will be more loyal to you and will always come back. Satisfied customers are loyal customers and loyal customers grow your business by their dedicated patronage.

Good customer feedback examples

Well, we have curated a list of 10 good customer feedback examples for you to have an idea about a positive customer review:

Example#1: Zendesk Customer Feedback Form

customer feedback form example

A good customer feedback form Zendesk website, and Zen Desk is a helpdesk software which offers various tools for the providing better customer service.  The good customer feedback from the site is as follows:

Example#2: Startup Institute video customer testimonials

It is a career agent that enables experts to learn new abilities, take their professions in an alternate heading, and seek after a profession they are enthusiastic about the program. The good customer feedback from the site, hence they have the video feedback of their satisfied customers such as:

Image result for startup institute

Example#3: Bizzabo customer feedback from twitter

Bizzabo is an organization that gives instruments to help proficient occasion arranging and execution. The good customer feedback from the site is as follows:

customer feedback example


Example#4: Shopify

It is an online store and retail purpose of sale frameworks. The good customer feedback from the site is as follows:

Image result for shopify

Example#5: Hootsuite simple customer feedback on their case study page

Hootsuite is a social media administration platform which has another incredible case of a client feedback page that truly exhibits how their product can work for others. The good customer feedback from the site is as follows:

Example#6: Booker customer video testimonials

It provides software which helps the retailers to manage their business stores. The good customer feedback from the site, hence they have the video feedback of their satisfied customers such as:

Example#7: HubSpot customer reviews on G2Crowd

It is also a software company which provides inbound marketing as well as the sales tools which helps the growth of the businesses. The good customer feedback from the site is as follows:

Example#8: Squarespace

It is a site which powers the millions of websites across the hundreds of different industries. The good customer feedback from the site is as follows:

Example#9 Amazon

It is a largest online store which offers all types of products to its customers worldwide. The good customer feedback from the site is as follows:

Example#10: Codecademy video customer reviews

It is a site who teaches the coding skills to the technology-based personnel and tech newbies. The good customer feedback from the site, hence they have the video feedback of their satisfied customers such as:

Adapt the customer testimonials page for your business site. And try to get more positive customer review to increase your business value.