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Is it okay to buy Yelp and Google Reviews? If not, how to get more reviews

By September 20, 2018 No Comments

Do you know how much reviews are important for growing your business?

If not, then remember, reviews would determine the number of your future customers.

Customers play the most important role when it comes to making a prominent place in your domain. And now you might have understood that you have to mandatorily manage reviews.

But, If you are a business owner, then it would become important to rely on review generation and reputation management software.

Nowadays, more and more review generation platforms are appearing with their ‘so-called’ deals. However, it is very important to find out the best platforms among them.

In this post, I’ll be talking about two incredible review generation platforms. It would be more than sufficient to rely on them in terms of review generation.

Because people nowadays are not limited to one platform only. That means you can also take help of other platforms as well.

First, I’ll make a discussion about Yelp.


Most probably, you’ve heard about Yelp as great review generation software. And if you also have the same opinion, you’re right.

Businesses throughout the world are taking help of this platform. And undoubtedly, Yelp is the largest platform of review generation on the internet.

It is said that Yelp has a base of average 135 million users on a monthly basis.

It has a great influence on the results of the local search engine.

If you’ve just started your business, you can rely on Yelp.

As a new brand, you’ve to get more and more positive reviews about your products or services. So, in this way only, you can get the attention of the potential prospects of your domain.

You’ll get many incredible positive effects of Yelp in terms of traffic and sales enhancement.

Benefits of Yelp Reviews

Now, it’s time to discuss some of the benefits of Yelp.

The biggest benefit of Yelp is its simplicity in communication. It is significant to take help of such a platform that has a great support system.

Yelp plays a role of ‘word-of-mouth’ for the world of the Internet.

The communities of this particular platform keep on flourishing in most of the American cities along with various other places around the world. It would be very interesting to find out hot places, visit those places and hear the opinions of people.

Yelp does not only all about reviews. This brilliantly-designed platform also provides the facilities of events, special offers, and reminders of events from businesses.

It is also allowed to make friends with other yelpers in the similar ways of MySpace or Facebook.

With this incredible platform, you can easily follow or send messages to other users. And you’ll also get opportunities to see some particular reviewer’s posts before others in times of checking a business.

Yelp is a great platform where users provide a sort of balanced opinions with regard to their personal experiences.

You would be astonished to know that this website is not a place for Web surfers to shout about their least preferred restaurant.

Most of the people come to this platform to share their positive experiences, as compared to negative thoughts.

I hope you’ve got a decent idea about the platform Yelp.

Now, it’s time to make a discussion about Google Reviews.

Google My business Reviews

When we first start searching a product on Google, then the first thing that draws our mind is reviews. And Google Reviews have become so prominent that most people check reviews before making their purchasing decision.

Let’s know more about this platform and its incredible benefits.

Reviews, displayed in search engine results (Google search results), mostly influence the way in which the potential customers can find you.

Therefore, another noteworthy point is that the tone and nature of reviews determine how much the respective customers have engagement with that particular brand.

Apart from that, Google reviews would add a great value of credibility to your business. And anonymity is very difficult here.

According to a recent annual survey, 10% of traffic value is attributed to reviews.

Google Reviews have become incredibly relevant with regard to local search as well as mobile search with the recognition of IP address.

Google Reviews are directly connected to search performance.

By claiming your business listing and by properly managing business information through the platform of Google My Business would fuel your business success.

Google My Business is the free review management platform from Google for business owners.

It is natural that if your business has a good reputation and positive reviews in Google, more and more customers will start coming to your website and avail your service.

You can very easily verify your business and control the profile of your business on Google in a very simple way.

Just, you’ve to visit Google My Business page and then make a registration of your business address.

In times of the registration of your business, you would have to complete the profile that allows you to make an association of your business with different keywords.

It would also set particular geographical boundaries in which you are doing your business.

The overall process of verification would be fulfilled in a manual way when Google would send a confirmation PIN number to you through a postcard.

You’ve to enter that PIN number to verify your account. And voila! You are ready to engage reviewers. Verification is also possible via phone.

Now, the big question is should you take help of other review generation platform apart from Yelp and Google Reviews?

The answer is it depends on various situations.

That means if you are satisfied with the number of reviews whatever you’re receiving via Yelp and Google Reviews, then you don’t need search for other platforms.

But, if you aren’t satisfied with this count of reviews, then you can take help of other review generation websites, such as BirdEye, Grade.Us, Podium, Broadly Reviews, Annex Cloud, Yotpo etc.

The Bottom Line

Review generation is a must to uplift your brand.

Yelp and Google Reviews would be very helpful in generating reviews for your business.

But it’s completely up to you whether you want to try other platforms other than these two or not.