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Birdeye Features, Benefits, Pricing, etc | Birdeye Alternative

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Complete details of Birdeye Reputation Management Software

Birdeye Reputation Management Software is a cloud-based reputation management solution that manages the online reputation of businesses of all sizes and industries.

It is a brand and reputation management software that is designed to help business connect and get reviews from their customers to turn those reviews into workable marketing media.

Birdeye helps businesses generate reviews, monitor these reviews and promote them across multiple websites and review sites. It provides an overview report of the online performance of a business from different review platforms across the web. It helps business to make better-informed decisions based on customer’s feedback.

Features of Birdeye

Birdeye Reputation Management Software has several great features that all together work towards the growth and success of a business. Birdeye features include:

  • Review Generation

Review generation is the primary function of review management software. This is a key function of Birdeye.

It generates reviews by sending personalized emails to customers requesting them to leave reviews on any of the available review sites such as Google or Facebook.

Customers can also leave reviews on the Birdeye review platform. Review requests can also be sent to customers via Facebook Messenger and some other social media platforms. 

  • Review Management

Birdeye manages reviews by monitoring reviews across multiple review platforms. Reviews from over 150 review sites can be monitored from its dashboard.

Birdeye notifies you when someone leaves a review to enable you to read the review before other people reads it.

With this, you are able to manage all the reviews accordingly. Positive reviews are highlighted and displayed at the top of the review page while negative reviews are internally resolved.

Review management enables you to properly manage all reviews to enhance your brand reputation.

  • Ticketing

The ticketing feature helps you to manage interactions on different social media platforms. Every review, social mention, and survey response is known as a ticket.

Each ticket or feedback is assigned to employees for immediate accessing and resolution. Negative comments and feedbacks are immediately addressed. This allows businesses to find timely solutions and answers to all customer’s issues.

  • Customer Surveys 

Birdeye allows you to measure your customer experience with surveys. Through surveys, businesses can make better decisions from the feedback they get from customers.

Surveys can be created on customer experience, employee experience, brand experience, and product experience.

  • Listing 

Birdeyehelps to increase your company listing on search engines and social media platforms through reviews and ratings.

By increasing your company listing, you will be easily found by prospective customers. It also helps to drive traffic to your website.

It increases your SEO ratings and keeps your business listing on platforms such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Yahoo.

  • Benchmarking 

Benchmarking allows you to compare your progress with that of your competitors. With this feature, you will be able to monitor your competitors and evaluate their performance.

It enables you to know if your business is doing well or not. It allows you to know the position you are among your competitors.

You will be able to do what your competitors are doing and get insights on how to get ahead of them.

  • Webchat 

Birdeye has a webchat feature that allows businesses to communicate in real-time with their customers. Web visitors can send private messages via the webchat and they will be responded to immediately.

This enables businesses to communicate with their customers to know their customer’s need and how best to provide their services to them.

  • Respond to Reviews

Birdeye Reputation Management Software allows you to respond to reviews from a single dashboard. With this feature, you are able to respond appropriately to each review.

It enables you to engage customers, acknowledge their issues and provide immediate solutions if possible.

You can also appreciate positive reviews as doing this allows you to keep loyal customers.

Birdeye also has auto-reply templates that allow you to respond to each review even when you are not available. You can set auto-reviews based on the numbers of stars given by reviewers.

  • Display all reviews on your business website

Birdeye’s review widget helps to incorporate your reviews and ratings from other review sites to your business website.

This allows prospective customers to read more reviews that have the potentials to convert into customers.


Birdeye Reputation Management Software pricing is not listed on their website. You first need to fill out a form with your company’s information to get accurate pricing quotes.

However, BirdEye’s pricing for small businesses starts at $3,000 per year. The pricing for Enterprise businesses goes up to $100,000 per year.

BirdEye’s plan includes Standard, Professional, and Premium plans.

The Premium plan has all its features while the Standard and Professional plans have limited features.

BirdEye is quite expensive and may not be affordable by individuals and businesses on a budget. This is why we will be recommending a better alternative reputation management software with even greater features.

MyReviewninja Reputation Management Software

Myreviewninja is the best alternative reputation management software. It is a reputation management software that helps in managing the online reputation of businesses to facilitate their growth.

It is a reputation management software that generates reviews, enable review monitoring and review management.

By using Myreviewninja, businesses can measure the customer’s experiencing to make better business decisions. It helps to facilitate the growth of business of all sizes and different industries.

Features and benefits of Myreviewninja

  1. Facilitates business growth 

Myreviewninja helps to increase the growth of your business by acquiring more customers. Consumers now read reviews from different review sites before making a purchase decision.

Reviews have a great influence on the purchasing decisions of consumers. Myreviewninjaaccumulates lots of reviews by requesting customers to leave reviews by sending personalized review requests to them via emails or SMS. 

  1. Helps you to make the best decisions 

With its ability to measure customers experience, you are able to know what the customers want. This enables you to make the right decisions and do the right things for customer satisfaction and growth of your business.

  1. Displays reviews on your website 

Myreviewninja displays reviews on your websites so that consumers can easily read reviews when they visit your website. It accumulates your reviews from other review sites and displays them on your website.

  1. Increase sales and enhance brand reputation through good reviews

Myreviewninja allows you to respond to customer’s reviews. Positive reviews are appreciated while negative reviews are responded to accordingly.

When an unhappy customer leaves a negative review, you are able to respond to the review and meet the customer at the point of his or her needs by providing possible solutions.

This will help reduce the number of negative reviews displayed and also uphold your brand reputation.

  1. Automated review acquisition

Myreviewninja request for reviews from customers using different channels such as emails and text messages.

Myreviewninja sends personalized email templates to customers requesting them to leave reviews on different review platforms such as Google, Facebook or Yelp.

With this great feature, no customer will be left out and you will acquire a lot of reviews from all your customers.

  1. It manages and protects your business reputation

Protecting and managing your business reputation is another benefit you will get when you use Myreviewninja.

Myreviewninja helps to protect your business reputation by proactively identifying unhappy customers so that you can adequately attend to their displeasures and needs.

It allows you to respond to customer’s reviews from the dashboard. With this, you can immediately attend to unhappy customers and proffer solutions to their negative feedback.

  1. Increases reviews on your business website

Statistics showed that 49% of consumers value the numbers of reviews a business has. This means the more the reviews on your business website, the more customers you will convert.

Myreviewninja helps to increase reviews on the website that matters most to your business. It does this by collecting your business reviews from other review sites and accumulate them on your major website.

Doing this, prospective customers will get to read more reviews so they can have more trust in your business and make prompt purchase decisions. 

  1. It increases your click-through rate

Myreviewninja increases your click-through rate with the availability of a plugin that you can connect to your website or WordPress.

Through this, your ratings will be displayed on Google search results and other search engines which will lead to an increase of traffic to your website.

The increased traffic to your website will lead to an increase in click-through rate and invariably increase your customers.

  1. It targets the right prospective customers

Myreviewninja measures customer experiences and behaviors to target the right prospective customers.

Using Myreviewninja, you can know what your customers are talking about, you can read their reviews, respond and reply to their feedback.

You will know the needs of prospective customers by measuring the likes and dislikes of your customers. You can also target the right prospective customers via their geographical locations.

  1. It notifies you whenever a review is made

Whenever a review is being made, you get notified. By alerting you of every review made, you get to view those reviews immediately before other people. This allows you to properly manage all reviews.