Best Reputation Management Software for Agencies

Reputation Management Software for Agencies

Are you looking for a great way to increase your sales and build a good reputation for your agency clients? Well, it’s time for you to focus on customer review software. 

Reputation Management software is used by a lot of agencies and companies for review generation and reputation management for their clients. 

How does this work? Well, you have to remember that once you know the sentiments of people (through reviews) it will be easier for you to improve your products and services.

But considering the vast number of clients that you may have, it is an arduous task to track customer reviews manually. With this, you really need some help from a reliable reputation management software.

Basically, what a reputation management software for agencies does is to provide get customer reviews to clients and manage their positive & negative reviews. But reputation management software is more than merely reflecting opinions from people. There are lots of other features and customizations that you can do to make your agency success.

But due to the overwhelming influx of software that offers reputation management software & services finding a legitimate provider is a hard thing. You need to research extensively to spare yourself from bogus reputation management software providers.

To help you figure out the best reputation management software, we listed here the top ten best reputation management software for agencies. 

  1. Myreviewninja.

This is the best reputation management software that’s ranking top on Google for review generation software. Good reviews in Capterra. Whatever the type of agency or company that you are running, myreviewninja will surely deliver the reviews in no time.

Aside from its capability to pick up genuine customer reviews from more than 100 websites, myreviewninja is also equipped with intuitive features designed to help you assess the market status of your products and services.

Myreviewninja takes pride in its capability to display customer reviews directly to your website. Myreviewninja is also capable of sending automatic review requests to your clients via text message or e-mail.

If you want to streamline the reviews that you want to appear online, you can also do it using this reputation management software.

And of course, you can anytime link the reviews to your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even on Yelp.

Using myreviewninja reputation management software is also a great way to boost your online presence. This is because this software is equipped with a plugin that influences the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Within a month of using this software, expect a 30% increase in your website’s click-through rate.

Indeed, myreviewninja reputation management software for agencies provides more than displaying reviews. It is also a powerful tool to optimize your website and land better on search engines. With these things, no doubt that myreviewninja topped our list!


There’s a free plan that you can try to see how things go with the myreviewninja reputation management software. The free plan entitles you a 20 review invites monthly, sending bulk e-mail reviews to your target market, and the capacity to tag professional reviews and insights on mainstream platforms such as Facebook and Google.

If you want to avail of the premium reputation management services of myreviewninja, you just have to send them a message to get a free price quotation. 

  1. LocalClarity.

This reputation management software for agencies is best for clients who have built their physical stores in different places. As of the writing, this software takes full business across 61 countries.

Aside from getting reviews, the LocalClarity also does statistical analysis for your business. If you think that your website is not performing well online, it also provides localized (country-dependent) SEO manipulations.

And if in case you have some issues regarding the Data Management system of your agency, this software will surely solve your problem. It runs an unmatched Data Management cloud service that stores any information safely.

Since this software mainly eyes to serve clients with remote agencies, it allows the creation of multiple profiles under a single account. This one is a huge help, especially if your agency requires you to connect with people from different places, and you need to use a different profile.

There are also reported disadvantages of using LocalClarity reputation management software. One is that its messaging system is not as interactive as with the other reputation management software in the market today.

Also, the incoming posts that this software reflects are not live.


For ten business locations, this software will charge you $12 per month, per location. If you exceed the ten location threshold, you only need to pay $8 per month, per one site.

Included in your LocalClarity subscription are review integration plugin, Google My Business Insights, Inbox, unlimited users and activity, listing management, notices, and reporting.

  1. Oktopost.

This is a reputation management software that is best for quickly tracking ROI (Return of Investment). 

Oktopost works by rapidly distributing your content to different social media portals and websites. Then, it determines the source of the lead that you generate.

Knowing where the leads came from is very important because once you determine the platform that got the highest click-through rate; you can focus on it and maximize its results.

Another useful add-on of this reputation management software is its Listening Feature. This feature is capable of tracking which keywords have the highest engagements, including mentions that you can use in producing content.

You can also check the page status of your competitors using this software and strategize to rank better on search engines. 

Using the Oktopost, you can draw related comments, mentions, and messages in one dashboard. In the dashboard, you can also assign a specific account to respond to all inbound and outbound messages.

But while it is true that this reputation management software for agencies is efficient in aggregating reviews from different social media platforms, it has a limitation on Instagram.

You cannot use the Oktopost as a review tracker plugin on Instagram. Another downside of this software is that it is very difficult to link a single post at once to different networks. 


Oktopost did not place a price quotation on its official website. You need to send a formal query to Oktopost to get a quote on their reputation management software services.

  1. Vocus Social Media Software.

This reputation management software is recommended for newbies who want to build a good brand reputation online. 

With the Vocus Social Media Software, analyzing the sentiments of your target market is way easier. Also, you can use this reputation management software in tracking trending topics that you can use in your content.

So, if you are just starting to reach people and influence them online, the Vocus Social Media Software is, indeed, a good jumpstart!

The reported disadvantage of using this software is its poor interface. So, don’t expect an intuitive display and graphics if you’re going to use this reputation management software for agencies.


The Vocus Social Media Software’s did not post the cost of their reputation management software on their website. You need to sign up first to know the price of their services.

  1. BrandsEye.

This reputation management software for agencies capitalizes much on its broad social media reach. Among the top-rated features of BrandsEye include response management, social media metrics, campaign management, and sentiment analysis. 

The BrandsEye is a fit-to-all type of reputation management software. This means that you can use this software disregarding the nature, location, and size of your business.

Aside from reaching people through different social media platforms, the BrandsEye also send and collect reviews via text messages. With this software, you can also respond to reviews and comments immediately. 

Despite its superb performance in generating customer reviews, there are also some limitations of using this software. Some of the downsides of using the BrandsEye’s is the limited language support (only provides an interface in the English language). This software will not also run on Linux, iPhone, and Android operating systems. 


You need to contact the BrandsEye for a demo and price quotation.

  1. Review Trackers.

More than 50,000 businesses entrusted their reputation management campaign with this software. The expertise of this particular reputation management software for agencies is collecting and interpreting genuine reviews coming from different online platforms. 

If you are doing business in different countries, the Review Trackers is the best software for you. This is because you can do local SEO in your content using this software. And to help you establish a strong relationship with your clients, you can use the Customer Insight feature of this software. 

A lot of people prefer this reputation management software because of its centralized management and tracking dashboard. You can also make customized review notifications and alerts to fit with your target audience.

The Analytics feature of this reputation management software is very powerful as well. It provides you with a detailed report and analysis of the sentiments of the people about your products or services. 

However, one of the limitations of this reputation management software for agencies is its non-integration to some mainstream platforms, including DIMMI and TripAdvisor. Another loophole is that it cannot automatically update comments when responded outside the Review Trackers’ platform. 


A free trial is available for first-time users. As to the specific cost of the plan, you need to send a personal query to the vendor.

  1. Yext.

Some of the world’s top-performing companies, including Jaguar Land Rover, Taco Bell, and Marriott, relied their reputation management on this software. What’s best about Yext is that it carries verified reviews from different platforms. This software is also very efficient in responding to clients’ queries no matter where they came from. 

Due to its untarnished reputation in capturing genuine and verified reviews, this software reaped several awards from all over the world. Indeed, if you want to connect to your customers using a reliable reputation management software, Yext is your best option.

But before you use this software, you must also check some of its limitations. Limited directories, delayed analytic reporting, and basic reporting schemes are some of the setbacks of Yext that you need to consider.


There are four Yext plans that you can try: the Emerging, Essential, Complete, and Premium. For the Emerging plan, it costs $199 per year. Both the Essential and the Complete plans cost $449 per annum. While the Premium subscription will charge you $999 annually. 

  1. Chatmeter.

If you are searching for a reputation management software that will boost your local online presence to the tee, you must try the Chatmeter. 

This platform masters the generation of reviews in a localized setting. Aside from this, you can also use this software to benchmark the best practices of your competitors in a particular location.

Chatmeter’s analytics is so powerful that it can present you a specific strategy based on the responses and reviews retrieved from different online platforms. So, if your strategy is to dominate the market as per location basis, using the Chatmeter is the key.

Meanwhile, there are disadvantages to using this software as well. Campaign Management, Review Request, and Negative Feedback Management are some of the key features that are missing in this reputation management software.


You need to contact Chatmeter’s customer service team to get a quote. They need to assess some facets of your business first, including the number of locations and the specific set of services that fit your needs. 

  1. NiceJob.

This reputation management software is best known for its capability to automate a specific marketing plan based on the generated reviews online. This software will surely help your site position on top of different search engines since it automatically publishes the most relevant photos and reviews from your target customers.

But one of the NiceJob’s setbacks that you must consider is the recurring bugs on its Zapier integrations system. 


When it comes to pricing, you only need to pay for $75 per month to get a premium NiceJob subscription. And unlike its rivals, the premium plan of NiceJob does not come with a mandatory contract. If you want to cut the deal, you can do it anytime without questions asked.

Now, if you want to try first how this software runs, you can also avail of its free trial.


This reputation management software is considered as the top 1 white-label review management tool for agencies, marketers, and SEO affiliates.

Using this intuitive review gathering tool, it will be easier for you to encourage people to leave an honest review of your products or services.

And all of these reviews will be automatically posted to your official website as well. is also a very effective tool to manage disgruntled clients and prevent them from posting negative remarks online. 

But there are also negative feedbacks about this reputation management software for agencies. A lot of people raised their complaints regarding the exponential increase in the cost of services every year.

Another drawback of using this software is that it lacks customization in its reporting. Thus, you will get tons of irrelevant information that only consumes the dashboard.


There’s a wide array of premium plans that newbies and experienced digital marketers could try.

The Professional Plan costs $60/ set (minimum is three seats).

The Agency Plan, which is best for resellers and local agencies, will charge you $40/ seat (minimum is ten seats). Meanwhile, if you are running larger agencies and brands, the Partner/ Enterprise Plan is perfect for you. You need to pay $25/seat, with a minimum of 100 seats, in this plan.

These are only some of the best reputation management software for agencies that you can try this 2020. All of these software are capable of providing the goods for your company.

However, you must know how to weigh things up and find the perfect tool that will build your stellar reputation online. And having said that, going to our top 1 option is our best recommendation!