Nowadays for awareness or interacting with audiences, every single sector is taking the place of developing a website. Therefore we can say that the list of websites available on the internet is endless.

Talking particularly about RateMDs, Healthgrades, WebMD, Zocdoc; here you can find trustworthy information regarding health. Thus according to topmost surgeons or Doctors, these online websites contribute a lot in your online reputation.

More than 92 percent of consumers check the reviews on these online websites given by the buyers. Instead of going out for a purchase they prefer to do a visible search before service decision.

According to study or live reports held in the University of Michigan, it has been found that around 59 percent of people choose these websites such as RateMDs, Healthgrades, WebMD, and Zocdoc for trusting a doctor.

⦁ Healthgrades:

This is a popular website; where you can get a brief online database of hospitals, doctors, and dentists. Healthgrades is always shown in the topmost position of Google search whenever the patients search for a reliable solution.

How Healthgrades is rated: the user can rate according to to1-5 star scale and option of free texting review is also there.

⦁ RateMDs:

Here you will find approximately one million profiles of doctors and more than two million reviews posted by users. It is counted among the first rating websites while searching for physicians, or before making any healthcare decision.

How you are rated: Rating can be categories into four parts such as:

⦁ Rating the staff
⦁ For helpfulness
⦁ Punctuality
⦁ Other services

⦁ WebMD:

If you are looking for an excellent professional, then WebMD can provide you with a one-stop solution.

How you have rated: The criteria depend upon following points such as:
⦁ Overall rating
⦁ A physician gives details for treatments
⦁ Office cleanliness
⦁ Rating for staff

⦁ ZocDoc:

One of the popular website where a user can get topmost results whether it is regarding physician profile or other services.

How you are rated: ZocDoc can achieve the award for rapid registration, speedy response, and confirmation of appointments that are booked online.

10 Ways to ask your patients to leave good reviews on RateMDs, Healthgrades, WebMD, ZocDoc:

The above websites pay special attention towards patient reviews before ranking doctors.

This simply indicates that ratings of a physician depend upon the opinion instead of just focusing on actual data. Thus they implement proper strategies so that patients can leave good reviews.

⦁ Polite Conversation:

Effective communication is always beneficial for making strong bonds or achieving trust.

So it is important that your front desk staff should begin a conversation in a friendly way.

Follow this tip while ending or starting of communication. Therefore if websites such as RateMDs, Healthgrades, WebMD, and ZocDoc follow this process, then they will surely get positive reviews.

⦁ Verbal Communication:

It is important to make verbal communication with patients by asking “Welcome,” “How was your visit today?”, and “we are there to serve you in the future.”

⦁ Response of Staff:

It is important to answer each and every feedback whether it is positive or negative.

Likewise when a verbal communication patients say that experience was good, then respond politely by saying “That’s great!”. We truly appreciate you for posting your reviews as it will be helpful for other patients in finding us.”

⦁ Use an Original Profile Picture of Physician:

It is important to share the actual database of Doctor; as this will helpful for a patient to find specialists and can review him regarding his treatment.

⦁ Make the Process of Review Writing Easy for Customers:

Make the accounts attractive so that people can quickly review the Doctor by even a single click. For more details you can even add some questions:

⦁ Have you enjoyed our services?
⦁ What have you liked the most?
⦁ How many ratings would you like to give for our services?
⦁ Would you like to recommend it to your friends?

⦁ Regularly Check the Online Reviews:

It’s necessary to check the online reviews regularly and work according to it. Instead of showing it in a spam list it’s better to handle a negative review by asking them the problem they phases on your website.

Asking about the updates from a user can help you to get good reviews from patients.

⦁ Follow-up & Ask Again:

Showing attentiveness to user always attracts them to place good reviews. The process of follow-up will help you in engaging you new customers as well as building a healthy relationship with regular customers.

⦁ Actively Ask for Reviews After each Visit:

You have to actively ask for a review from customers either by dropping a message or through verbal communication. Possessiveness towards the customer is helpful in feeling them secure and safe. Hence, we can say its act like a safeguard or protective shield.

⦁ Take Control of Online Reviews:

To protect online reputation, this process is quite necessary. So it is important to convert the negative feedback into positive. This will help you in gathering more reviews or recommendations.

⦁ Thank You!

Never forget to say thank you; it is counted as etiquettes or regards which you would like to pay your customers. We cannot deny the fact that what you will pay to other; will get back to you in return”. So be precise about the thanking message either when communicating verbally or text message.

Online websites play an important role for entrepreneurs as well as visitors. The reliable information whether in the form of reviews or other content can help audiences to gather more and more amount of information. On the other hand, the feedback given by the audiences helps in growth as well as raising profit. Hence we can say it is given and take relationship which goes along vice versa.